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427th Bomb Squadron
Air Combat Crews
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The crews listed below are all of the known 303rd Bomb Group flight crews that trained together in the USA and were assigned to the 427th Bomb Squadron. Also listed are some, but not all, of the Copilots who were upgraded to Pilots during their tour at Molesworth. Several of the Crew Pages do not have photographs and many do not have all the crew members identified. If you can provide a missing crew photo or identify any crew member, please contact me at: glm@303rdbg.com

Crews Listed by First Pilot's Name
High Resolution Photo Available         (OC) Original 303rd BG Crew (1942)

Aageson, Donald C.
Ackerman, Stewart S.
Alderman, Melvin
Alex, Alexander
Allen, Charles R.
Arcy, Mitchell T.
Ashwell, Silan B.
Ayers, Roger D.
Barker, John C.
Barnes, Deane L.
Barr, Thomas J.
Barrat, Robert J.
Beiser, Theodore R.
Bliss, Robert P.
Bohle, Howard J.
Breyer, Frederick L.
Broussard, Edward J. (OC)
Brown, Tracy D.
Burch, Armand F.
Callahan, Charles A.
Caplinger, Auston O.
Cardwell, Burt J.
Carothers, John W.
Cassels, James C.
Catich, Alexander J.
Chuba, Francis B.
Clark, Henry C.
Clifford, Bernard J.
Cole, Lloyd R. (OC)
Cook, Harry S.
Cote, Addell A.
Cureton, Peter F. Jr.
Damon, Malcolm F.
Davis, Robert W.
Demian, Julius Carl
Denison, William A.
Donalson, David S.
Drewry, James A.
DuBose, Carl L. Jr.
Duncan, Thomas A.
Eckhart, Alan
Eisenhart, Oliver T.
Eisenwinter, Philip D.
Estes, Shirley E.
Fisher, James H.
Flanigan, Lloyd J.
Flesh, William R.
Fletcher, John E.
Flick, Chester Eugene
Flowers, Selwyn D.
Fowler, James F
Fredrickson, Carl A.
Gallagher, John W. Jr.
Gano, Frederick
Glasgow, Charles G.
Goetz, William H. (OC)
Griggs, John C. Jr.
Grob, Emil E.
Hamilton, Max B.
Harrison, Emmittes S. Jr.
Hagenbuch, Glenn E. (OC)
Hayes, Ralph S. (OC)
Headlee, Dale C.
Healy, Richard F.
Henderson, Grover C.
Hewitt, Donald I.
Hoeg, Kenneth A.
Hullar, Robert
Humphreys, Fred C.
James, Jacob C.
Jaques, Chester D.
Jenkins, Elton L.
Johnson, Charles E. Jr.
Jones, Wilbur H.
Kahler, Thomas F.
Klint, Wilbur "Bud"
Krohn, Robert W.
Le Fevre, William G.
Lehmann, Elroy C. "Al"
Leve, Franklin
Ley, Roman M.
Ligino, Steve
Lipe, Fort W.
Lonski, Charlie J.
Mars, Charles W.
McClellan, George S.
McCullough, Henry W.
McGarry, John J.
McGinnis, Martin S.
Means, Wilford T.
Melton, James H.
Miller, Forrest E.
Mitchell, Fred E.
Nemer, Alfred K.
Ness, Howard C.
Newton, George C.
Newton, John A.
O'Hare, Phil W.
O'Leary, James W.
Olsen, Curtis M.
Oranges, Chester N.
Petersen, William H.
Pratt, James N.
Pursel, Stanley E.
Quillen, Lauren H.
Reber, Ehle H. (OC)
Reid, Clair P.
Richardson, Thomas W.
Richter, George K.
Roberts, Ingersall J.
Robey, Harry A. (OC)
Rolfson, Jack G.
Rose, Jack W.
Roy, Arnold K.
Sabine, George E.
Savage, Gilbert T.
Sawyer, Frederick W.
Schlecht, Walter J.
Shaeffer, Earl A.
Sheets, Robert W.
Shelhamer, David P.
Shope, George W. Jr.
Simmons, Thomas L.
Smith, Grafton N.
Southworth, Billy B. (OC)
Sterling, Jay R.
Stockton, Donald E. (OC)
Strickland, Alexander C.
Sullivan, Francis X.
Thomas, Blaine E.
Turinsky, George
Von Aesch, Edward J.
Walder, Wilfred M. Jr.
Walsh, Vincent X.
Wardowski, Stanley
Whitcomb, Ralph E.
Wertz, Robert M.
Woddrop, Edward M.
Wood, Vere A.