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303rd BG Original Crew
427th Goetz Crew
William H. Goetz, Pilot
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B-17F Kali #41-24517 (GN-O)
(original crew assigned 427BS: 01 May 1942 - photo: Oct 1942)

Sgt James F. Shelly (KIA)
(Back L-R) 1Lt William H. Goetz (P-KIA), 2Lt Mark L. McDermott (CP),
2Lt Robert L. Madrid (N-KIA), 2Lt Robert W. Smith (B-KIA)

(Front - not in order) T/Sgt James F. Shelly (E-KIA),
T/Sgt Joseph H. Walters (R-KIA), Sgt Walter E. Runge (BT-KIA),
Sgt Charles R. Storer (G), Sgt Vernon E. Koch (G)

Storer and Koch were not on 03 Jan 43 mission. Substitute Crewmen were Sgt Donald H. H. Rutt (RWG-KIA), Sgt Martin F. McDonald (LWG-KIA) and Sgt Merel D. Bradley (TG-KIA)

(KIA) On 03 Jan 43 mission #9 to St. Nazaire, France in B-17F 41-24517 Kali 427BS (GN-O) B-17 blew up in mid-air during fighter attack over St. Nazaire. All 10 crewmen were KIA.

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]