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Basic Search Help

Our 2300+ historic pages and over four million words are fully indexed and searchable in just seconds. You can easily find every reference we have to your name, any name you're interested in, your favorite B-17 or anything else you can think of. Simply enter your search word(s) in the box at the top of the page and hit the "enter" key (or the Search button).

You may enter one or more words to search. A Boolean "AND" between words is assumed. If you enter more than one word, documents will be retrieved that have all the specified words. If you wish to find all the documents that have any of the words, then use "OR" between your search words.

You may also search for specific phrases by including the phrase in quotations, such as: "bomber jacket" or "Vern L. Moncur".

SWISH-E Search Help

With SWISH-E, you will get an error if the word you search for is too common on the website. A search for "molesworth" will give no results. Try to be more specific. To search for a specific B-17 by tail number, only enter the last four or five numbers. For example, to search for B-17 #42-38050 Thunderbird by number, enter only "38050".

To truncate a word, use an asterisk (*) at the end. For example, the search "bomb*" would retrieve documents that have the words "bombs", "bombing", "bombardier", etc. If you don't know how to spell a word, or we may have it misspelled, enter the first few letters followed by an asterisk (*). For example, "schw*" will return all references we have to "Schweinfurt."

Some names in our Personnel Rosters may not be easily found with normal searching. Names like "O'Leary" or "McDonald" may be entered in our rosters as "O LEARY" or "MC DONALD." If you are searching for a similar name, or any name that could be spelled as two words rather than one, try entering the name as two words - or just enter the last part of the name. A search for "leary" will lead you to "O'Leary."