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303rd BG Overseas Graves
Honolulu Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Cambridge (England) Netherlands (Margraten) Ardennes (Belgium) Lorraine (France) Luxembourg
Normandy (France) Brittany (France) Henri-Chapelle (Belgium) Epinal (France) Honolulu (Hawaii)
Complete Listing of 303rd BG Overseas Interments and MIA Names
Memorial Day 2007

Honolulu Hawaii Memorial

Honolulu Memorial looking towards Honolulu and the Courts of the Missing

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Honolulu Hawaii Memorial


Name Rank Serial No State Death Date Grave
DOMBROWSKI, WALTER J SGT 11021002 Massachusetts June 15, 1942 MIA
DUTKIEWICZ, WALTER J PVT 12049789 New Jersey June 15, 1942 MIA

(These two men were Killed in Action shortly after being transferred to the 306th Bomb Group.)

[Photos courtesy of Gene Carson]
[Memorial photo and data courtesy of the American Battle Monuments Commission]