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303rd BG Overseas Graves
Epinal American Cemetery
Epinal, France
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Cambridge (England) Netherlands (Margraten) Ardennes (Belgium) Lorraine (France) Luxembourg
Normandy (France) Brittany (France) Henri-Chapelle (Belgium) Epinal (France) Honolulu (Hawaii)
Complete Listing of 303rd BG Overseas Interments and MIA Names
Memorial Day 2007

Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial - Epinal, France




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Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial, France
(4 Graves)


Name Rank Serial No State Death Date Grave
BIRNBAUM, WARREN G JR 2LT 0716622 Virginia June 28, 1944 B 23 63
LUSK, DON W JR 2LT 0727108 New Mexico Jan 3, 1943 A 38 45


PRESCOTT, PAUL H SSGT 06146540 New Hampshire June 4, 1943 A 16 30
WAGNER, DONALD G SGT 37484642 Nebraska June 28, 1944 B 24 63

[Memorial photo and data courtesy of the American Battle Monuments Commission]