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Cambridge (England) Netherlands (Margraten) Ardennes (Belgium) Lorraine (France) Luxembourg
Normandy (France) Brittany (France) Henri-Chapelle (Belgium) Epinal (France) Honolulu (Hawaii)
Complete Listing of 303rd BG Overseas Interments and MIA Names
Memorial Day 2007

Meet Our Volunteer Photographers
We are very grateful to our Volunteer Photographers. Each individual has donated their time and talent to help us honor our 303rd Veterans who are Missing in Action or Interred in Overseas Cemeteries. In addition to those shown below, several others also volunteered their services. We have had numerous individual Gravesite and Wall of Missing photographs sent by family and friends of our veteran's. We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming support for this project.

Jan-Willem van de Griendt
Netherlands, Ardennes, Henri-Chapelle
J-W has adopted the grave of Dick L. Libbee at the Netherlands American Cemetery. He spent several weekends driving many miles to photograph the graves and names in three cemeteries.

Robin Beeby
Cambridge American Cemetery
Robin Beeby is our United Kingdom Representative. Although he had previously photographed all our graves in Cambridge, he repeated the work to provide us with digital images.

Rockwell and Deborah Bourlier Blake
Lorraine American Cemetery
Debbie is a cousin of T/Sgt Donald W. Bourlier. Bourlier was a substitute crewman flying with the 427th BS Peter Cureton Crew. Nine of the ten men on the crew were Killed in Action on November 21, 1944. Debbie and her husband visited the Lorraine American Cemetery on Memorial Day 2004. Her generous offer to photograph the 303rd BG graves at Lorraine was the inspiration for this project.

Arnaud Beinat
Lorraine American Cemetery
Arnaud is a journalist specializing in security and historical subjects. He has been interested in WWII since he was a child. He wrote, "I am living in a country liberated by Gen Patton's Third Army. In each town, there is a 'Patton's Street', 'XX Corps Avenue', 'General Walker Place', etc. So we are very concerned by the sacrifice of the US soldiers in Lorraine." He has adopted two graves there.

Margaret Keating
Normandy American Cemetery
Margaret has been a friend of the 303rd BGA for quite some time. She helps us with translations from German to English. Margaret and her grandson traveled to France and photographed the Normandy graves for us.

Jean and Margaret Heesen-Schoch
Normandy and Brittany Cemeteries
Margaret is a niece of Philip M. Schoch, Killed in Action on 09 Nov 1944. Jean and Margaret visited Normandy on June 6, 2004, the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, and photographed the 303rd graves. They changed their plans and went out of their way to also provide us with the Brittany photographs. They commented on how well they were received at both cemeteries. Their photo above was taken at the D-Day Anniversary.

Gene Carson
Honolulu Memorial
Eugene Carson served his country for 30 years in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, retiring as a Lieutenat Colonel. Gene is the author of "Wing Ding, Memories of a Tailgunner." Gene passed away on April 3, 2006.

Constant Goergen
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Constant GOERGEN is the President and founder of the U.S. VETERANS FRIENDS, Luxembourg, Association. Their motto is "REMEMBRANCE, HONOR and FRIENDSHIP." Their main goals are: historical research about WW II, adopting the graves of fallen GIs and airmen, and making contact with American War Veterans and their families. Mr. Goregen and his members have adopted the graves of all nine 303rd BG men who rest in Luxembourg.