Original Crew Reunited
Savannah, GA - 1998
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... and just for a moment, time stood still
Hein, Rosier, Chang, Cunningham
Savannah, Georgia - 22 August 1998
Meeting for the first time in over 54 years,
members of the Original Thunderbird Crew relive the memories.

Walter E. Hein (Ball Turret Gunner), Robert L. Rosier (Flight Engineer)
David K.S. Chang (Bombardier), Billy A. Cunningham (CoPilot)

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Hein, Rosier, Moncur, Chang, Cunningham Billy Cunningham,  Gary Moncur, Major General Lew Lyle Billy Cunningham, Gary Moncur, Callie Cunningham Chang, Rosier, Hein Walt Hein, Betty Andrus President Hal Susskind Thunderbird Plaque Thunderbird Plaque Unveiling Thunderbird Plaque Dedication Thunderbird Plaque Dedication Rosier, Chang, Keith Ferris, Hein, Moncur Gary Moncur, David Chang, Susan Moncur, Walt Hein Crewmen and wives Florence and Walt Hein Almedia Rosier, Frank Wilson, Greg Rosier, Walt Hein, Robert Rosier Betty Andrus, David Chang, Gary Moncur, Robert Rosier, Walt Hein Todd Ferris, Peggy Ferris, Gary Moncur Robert Rosier, Gary Moncur, Keith Ferris