Moncur Sons Visit
the Lone Star Flight Museum
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Lone Star Flight Museum - Hall of Fame Fly Day
13 November 2005
The sons of Original Thunderbird Pilot Vern L. Moncur and their wives were invited to Fly Day as special guests of the Lone Star Flight Museum. Museum Volunteer and Nose Art Artist Gene Norris and his wife Kim were their hosts. The Moncurs presented the Museum with copies of their dad's Pilot's Log and other Thunderbird booklets. They received a guided tour of Thunderbird and were treated to a flight over Galveston Island in the nose of Thunderbird, with Pilots Tommy Gregory and Larry Gregory at the controls.
- click the images for a larger view -

Nose Art Artist Gene Norris and wife Kim,
Gary Moncur and Marlowe Moncur

B-17G 44-85718, Flying as 42-38050 Thunderbird

Gary and Susan Moncur,
Gini and Marlowe Moncur

Crew Chief Tom Owens has Kept
Thunderbird Flying for 8 Years

Marlowe Moncur in the CoPilot Seat

Gary Moncur in the Pilot's Seat

Thunderbird Cockpit

Galveston Island from the Gulf

Galveston's Seawall Boulevard

Flying Over the Gulf (note the B-17's shadow)

Galveston Island

Flying Over the Airfield

Final Approach to Runway 17

Thunderbird Rear View

Thunderbird Parking After Flight

Gregory Brothers and Moncur Brothers - Tommy (left)
is the LSFM's Chief Pilot and Larry (right)
is Vice President of Operations at the LSFM

Pilots Tommy Gregory and Larry Gregory,
Gary and Susan Moncur, Gini and Marlowe Moncur,
Gene Norris, LSFM Curator Darla Harmon

Moncur Sons Presenting their Father's Pilot's Logbook to
Museum Curator Darla Harmon. Gene Norris looks on.

Marlowe Moncur and Gary Moncur Signing
Photographs with Gene Norris