Moncur Exhibit
Hill Aerospace Museum
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1Lt Vern L. Moncur Exhibit
On May 20, 2006, the Hill Aerospace Museum unveiled a new exhibit honoring 1Lt Vern L. Moncur. The five Moncur children commissioned the exhibit to honor their father and his crew. The display case has four panels that give the highlights of Vern Moncur's life and his service to his country. Lt. Moncur's A-2 jacket is the centerpiece of the exhibit. The case also contains his garrison cap and his medals, including his Distinguished Flying Cross. On display for the first time is his original Pilot's Log Book, opened to the page showing the first mission of Thunderbird. The exhibit stands under the right wing of the museum's B-17G "Short Bier." Present were the five Moncur children, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren and other family and friends.
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Hill Aerospace Museum, Ogden, Utah

Moncur children: Dean, Vickie, Gary, Marlowe, JoAnn

Jack Price, Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah Vice Chairman, introducing the exhibit.

Gary Moncur speaking on behalf of the family.

Moncur family viewing the exhibit.

Moncur family viewing the exhibit.

1Lt Vern L. Moncur Exhibit

1Lt Vern L. Moncur Exhibit

1Lt Vern L. Moncur Exhibit

Kristen Moncur (front),
Anthony Moncur, MeKenzie Moncur (seated)

Moncur's Original Pilots Log Book
1-23-1944: First recorded flight of Thunderbird (Test Hop)
1-29-1944: First combat mission of Thunderbird

Moncur Exhibit - Side 1 panel

Moncur Exhibit - Side 2 panel

Moncur Exhibit - Side 3 panel

Moncur Exhibit - Side 4 panel
Keith Ferris' Fortresses Under Fire

Flak Hole in Left Sleeve

Flak Hole Description

Hand-painted 303rd BG Insignia

Lt. Moncur's Garrison Cap and Medals

Lt. Moncur's Distinguished Flying Cross,
Air Medal and Presidential Unit Citation

Jack Price and display designer
Jerry Pulsipher

Gary Moncur with the exhibit

Moncur Exhibit - Side 4

Exhibit stands under the wing of B-17G "Short Bier."

Moncur children with the exhibit.
(L-R) Dean, Vickie, JoAnn, Gary, Marlowe