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POW Memorabilia
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Wartime Log of Hal Gunn
Drawings done at Stalag Luft III-C
(courtesy of Hal Gunn)

POW Portrait
of 2Lt Charles L. Gould
done at Stalag Luft 1
(courtesy of Doug Gould)

German Document
Reporting the capture of the
359th Jack W. Bailey Crew
(courtesy of Terry Eckert)

2Lt Charles L. Gould
POW Identfication Card
(courtesy of Chris Gould)

Kriegie Mail from Stalag Luft III
From 2Lt Jack W. Stewart
to Capt Alvin L. Perry
Outside View   Inside View

From S/Sgt Martin Semonick to
T/Sgt Meyer "Mike" Levin
Outside View   Inside View

Group Photo from Stalag VII-A
(late summer 1943)
S/Sgt Anthony J. Peklinsky (circled)
other POWs are unidentified
(courtesy of Carol Peklinsky)

POW Medal
Authorized for any person who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Armed Forces, was taken prisoner and held captive after 5 April 1917.
(courtesy of http://www.merkki.com)

US POW-Symbol
Representing the 30,000 living
American Ex-Prisoners of War.

History of the POW-MIA Flag

US POW-MIA Postage Stamp
Issued by the U.S. Postal Service
on May 29, 1995 commemorating American
POWs and MIAs from all wars since 1777.

POW Dogtags
Issued to S/Sgt Benjamin F. Spring
while a POW / patient at Lazarett 9C
(courtesy of son Jay Primavera)

Taken from City Hall, Moosburg, Germany
and signed by over 100 POWs
(courtesy of the Mighty Eighth AF Museum)

POW Dogtags
Issued to S/Sgt Elwyn Jones Darden
while a POW / patient at Lazarett 9C
(courtesy of son Bob Darden)

Dulag Luft Kriegsgefangenenkartel
belonging to Sgt Norman M. Clark
(courtesy of Norman M. Clark)

POW Wings and Stalag Luft I ID Card
belonging to 2Lt Donald B. Beers of the
359th Lewis M. Walker Crew.
(courtesy of Kurt Stauffer)

POW Dulag Luft Postcard
sent to family of 1Lt Carl V. Nielsen
359th Lewis M. Walker Crew.
(courtesy of Kurt Stauffer)

Supplementary Rations for POWs
from the American Red Cross
(courtesy of Gordon Alton)

Stalag Luft IV-C Cartoons
drawn by Alex Palmer

Carrying potato soup at Stalag VII-A
from the Wartime Log of Roy Butler
(courtesy of Gordon Alton)

Personalkarte (Personnel Card)
of 2Lt James D. Walsh, Stalag Luft III
View 1   View 2   View 3   View 4
(courtesy of Jay Primavera)

Personalkarte (Personnel Card)
of 2Lt Thomas E. Mulligan, Stalag Luft III
(courtesy of Thomas E. Mulligan, III)

POW Postcard
from 1Lt John H. Embach
(courtesy of the R. Koskas Collection)

Postcard Artwork
sent by 2Lt James D. Walsh
from Stalag Luft III
Front View
(courtesy of Jay Primavera)