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Stalag Luft III - Wartime Log
of Lt Harold W. Gunn
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Wartime Log of Lt Harold W. Gunn
Copyright © Harold W. Gunn, used by permission

Hal Gunn, by C. Meyers Lt Harold W. "Hal" Gunn, copilot of the 358th Ray Jess Crew was a POW for 22 months, from 22 June 1943 until 29 April 1945. Most of that time was spent at Stalag Luft III. He was on the forced march to Stalag VII-A, near Moosburg, Germany. Below are some of his drawings from his Wartime Log. Also in his Wartime Log is his play-by-play description of the POW's Liberation from Stalag VII-A as it is taking place. Don't miss his vivid description. Harold W. Gunn took his final flight from Provo, Utah on 30 October 2002, following a lengthy illness. Hal and his artistic talent will be missed by his many admirers and friends.