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B-17F Hell's Angels
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Original Waist Art on 358BS B-17F #41-24577 Hell's Angels (VK-D)
painted by Ground Crewman PFC Bernard K. Kastenbaum

This a a photograph of the original waist art on 358th BS B-17F #41-24577 Hell's Angels (VK-D), painted in October 1942 by 358th ground crewman PFC Bernard K. Kastenbaum. Eighth Air Force Headquarters later issued a directive that squadron and aircraft letters be painted on the fuselage sides of all B-17s. Kastenbaum's original nose was removed and was repainted on the nose by the 358th Irl Baldwin Crew's Tail Gunner S/Sgt Harold E. Godwin.

Bernard K. Kastenbaum also painted the original nose art on 358th BS B-17F #41-24562 Sky Wolf, Udder Confusion (lost on its first mission, serial number unknown) and several other B-17s.

[photo courtesy of Bernard K. Kastenbaum]