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B-17F Sky Wolf
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Original Wasit Art on 358BS B-17F #41-24562 Sky Wolf (VK-A)
Artist PFC Bernard K. Kastenbaum with Sky Wolf

This a photograph of the original waist art on 358th BS B-17F #41-24562 Sky Wolf (VK-A), painted in October 1942 by 358th ground crewman PFC Bernard K. Kastenbaum. Eighth Air Force Headquarters later issued a directive that squadron and aircraft letters be painted on the fuselage sides of all B-17s. Kastenbaum's original nose was covered by the squadron letters, as seen in this Morales Crew photo. It was also repainted on the nose of the aircraft, as the other Morales Crew photos show. In this photo, the ball-turret was obliterated by the censor.

Bernard K. Kastenbaum also painted the original nose art on 358th BS B-17F #41-24577 Hell's Angels, Udder Confusion (lost on its first mission, serial number unknown) and several other B-17s.

[photo courtesy of Bernard K. Kastenbaum]