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Killed in Action
Bodies Returned in Aircraft
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Crewmen Killed in Action
- Bodies Returned in Aircraft to Molesworth -

The B-17s in which these airmen were killed returned to base with their bodies.
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One Final Moment
by Herbert E. Kalhoefer

S/Sgt Paul D. Ferguson (TG) (427BS) 13 Jan 1943
B-17F #41-24610 (GN-T) Joe Btfsplk II Donald E. Stockton Crew
S/Sgt Billie L. Staner (TG) (360BS) 23 Jan 1943
B-17F #41-24579 (PU-F) Thumper John A. Castle Crew
1Lt Jack W. Mathis (B) (359BS) 18 Mar 1943 (Awarded the Medal of Honor)
B-17F #41-24561 (BN-T) Duchess Harold L. Stouse Crew
2Lt Sumner L. Roberts (N) (427BS) 01 May 1943
B-17F #42-29520 (GN-O) (No Name) Fort W. Lipe Crew
T/Sgt Gerald L. Lauffer (LWG) (360BS) 01 May 1943
B-17F #42-5390 (PU-L) The Avenger Joseph F. Palmer Crew
Capt Donald E. Stockton (P) (427BS) 14 May 1943
B-17F #41-24619 (GN-S) S for Sugar Donald E. Stockton Crew
2Lt Robert F. Woodley (CP) (427BS) 14 May 1943
B-17F #42-29520 (GN-O) (No Name) Fort W. Lipe Crew
T/Sgt Dick W. Jones (R) (360BS) 25 Jun 1943
B-17F #42-5468 (PU-I) Nasty Nine George V. Stallings Crew

Molesworth in Sight
by Keith Hill
Sgt Joseph B. Paiva (RWG) (358BS) 04 Jul 1943
B-17F #41-24562 (VK-A) Sky Wolf Jack C. Timken Crew
2Lt Robert E. Rohrlich (B) (427BS) 14 Jul 1943
B-17F #42-5221 (GN-Z) Son Armand F. Burch Crew
S/Sgt Olwin L. Humphries (BTG) (358BS) 30 Jul 1943
B-17F #42-5360 (VK-G) War Bride Richard L. Kruse Crew
S/Sgt Leonard A. Kesky (LWG) (427BS) 17 Aug 1943
B-17F #42-3131 (GN-U) Flak Wolf Jacob C. James Crew, Curtis M. Olsen Crew
2Lt Harold J. Rocketto (N) (358BS) 26 Nov 1943
B-17F #42-3064 (VK-I) Star Dust Jack W. Watson Crew
2Lt Lloyd S. Johnson (N) (359BS) 26 Nov 1943 (Died of wounds 2 Dec 1943)
B-17 #42-3484 482BG PFF Harold S. Bolsover Crew
T/Sgt Raymond K. Roberts (R) (359BS) 26 Nov 1943
B-17F #42-5177 (BN-U) Fast Worker MK II Harold S. Bolsover Crew
T/Sgt John J. Barrett (E) (359BS) 13 Dec 1943
B-17F #42-29894 (BN-X) Baltimore Bounce LeRoy E. Daub Crew
Sgt Ralph F. Burkart (LWG) (358BS) 11 Jan 1944
B-17F #42-5264 (VK-J) Yankee Doodle Dandy Merle R. Hungerford Crew, John F. Henderson Crew

Courage of Eagles
by Ronald Wong
Sgt Robert A. Jeffrey (TG) (358BS) 11 Jan 1944 (Died after landing)
B-17F #42-5264 (VK-J) Yankee Doodle Dandy Walter J. Ames Crew, John F. Henderson Crew
2Lt Creighton G. Doering (CP) (360BS) 06 Feb 1944
B-17G #42-31399 (PU-F) no name George E. Underwood Crew
2Lt Andrew L. Lux (CP) (359BS) 20 Apr 1944
B-17G #42-31830 (BN-M) Marie Clinton A. Moser Crew
2Lt William T. Kelly (N) (358BS) 24 Apr 1944
B-17G #42-31583 (VK-C) Clover Leaf Joseph A. Moreau Crew
2Lt Homer E. Raker (CP) (359BS) 29 Apr 1944
B-17G #42-31405 (BN-X) Wallaroo MkII Ernest L. Roth Crew
Sgt Leslie F. Traver (TG) (360BS) 19 Jul 1944
B-17G #42-97853 (PU-O) Lucky Linda James T. Hahn Crew
Sgt Carl W. Seitz (TG) (360BS) 19 Jul 1944
B-17G #43-37930 (PU-F) no name Norment Foley Crew
Sgt Roy D. Hughes (FE) (427BS) 15 Aug 1944
B-17G #42-37875 (GN-A) Flying Bison Robert W. Davis Crew

Come Straight In
by Roger Brighton
2Lt John C. Rhyne (B) (359BS) 24 Aug 1944
B-17G 42-102496 (BN-M) Special Delivery Andy R. Virag Crew
Sgt. Miles R. Bruce (TG) (427BS) September 12, 1944
B-17G #42-97311 (GN-O) Shoo Shoo Baby John C. Griggs, Jr. Crew
1Lt Edwin H. Katz (N) (427BS) 13 Jan 1945
B-17G #44-8484 (VK-W) no name Auston O. Caplinger Crew, James W. O'Leary Crew
Sgt Gerald H. Craven (E) (359BS) 13 Jan 1945
B-17G #43-38764 (BN-C) no name Warren F. Mauger Crew
2Lt James S. Burns (CP) (359BS) 20 Jan 45 (Died 21 Jan 1945)
B-17G #43-38258 (358BS)(VK-H) Forget Me Not Olly Kenneth E. Bixby Crew
Sgt Winston C. Teter (WG) (427BS) 18 Feb 1945
B-17G #42-39885 (GN-R) Sweet Rose O'Grady Wilfred M. Walder, Jr. Crew
F/O James T. Wokersien (CP) (427BS) 28 Mar 1945
B-17G #43-38958 (GN-H) Green Hill Belle Lloyd J. Flanigan Crew

Bailout's From B-17s
- While returning from a Combat Mission -
Capt Harold Fulghum (N) (358BS) 23 Nov 1942 (POW)
B-17F #41-24609 (BN-Q) Holy Mackerel (Bailed out over France - thought hydraulic fluid loss was blood from Pilot and CoPilot). Maj George L. Robinson, pilot. Member of the Irl E. Baldwin Crew
Sgt Charles D. Bovey (BT) (358BS) 28 Mar 1945 (KIA)
B-17G #43-37590 (VK-Q) Neva - The Silver Lady (Accidentally fell out of waist window following a violent movement over English Channel). Member of the Harry E. Nester Crew.