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[from "Might in Flight" Copyright ©1997 Harry D. Gobrecht]


  • 1. JAC-USEUCOM, RAF Molesworth - Mathis Headquarters MOH Plaque honoring Lt Jack Mathis, Vosler Hall MOH Plaque honoring T/Sgt Forrest Vosler, 303BG "Might in Flight" JAC Memorial Headquarters Building, Building sign (8/15/94), Bill Adams 303BG wood carvings (1995-97), 303BG art collection, B-17 artifacts & photo displays, M/Gen Lewis E. Lyle Conference Room (1995), Hall of Heros Wall, Memorable Missions Wall, B-17 Hell's Angels Wall, B-17 Knockout Dropper Wall. Thunderbird Lounge, Heritage Room - 303BG photos, memorabilia & artifacts, Original 303BG "J" hangar with the 303BG (H) red triangle "C" B-17 tail insignia on the main door, RAF Molesworth entry sign.

  • 2. RAF Molesworth - 303rd BG(H) Memorial - dedicated 3 Jun 2000. Memorial honoring the 303rd BG(H) on a grassy knoll outside the outer fence and security gate of RAF Molesworth. The location affords 24 hour access to the public.

  • 3. All Saints Church - Brighton - 303BG Memorial Plaque (6/24/84). American Servicemen Plaque honors American servicemen who donated 1800 pounds in 1958 for the reconstruction of the church spire what was knocked off by a low flying British aircraft.

  • 4. Duxford Airfield Imperial War Museum, Cambridgeshire, England - 303rd BG(H) "Might in Flight" Insignia. Part of the all Eighth AF Unit Insignia.

  • 5. Globe Inn, Alresford, England (11/93) - Memorial Plaque. Capt Cogswell avoided crash in town when B-17 was abandoned in air 9/26/43.

  • 6. Guild Hall - Borough of Much Wenlock, Shropshire - Memorial plaque Lt Stephan Crew. - 7 KIA on 11/11/44 in Duffy's Tavern. Names on the plaque are 2Lt P.C. Stephan (P), 2Lt J.R. Clingler (CP), F/O H.G. Lewis (N), Sgt T.W. Tapley (TOG), T/Sgt R.R. Ladurino (R), T/Sgt S.W. Keys (BT), S/Sgt E.P. Harris, Jr. (WG). Plaque erected by the borough of Much Wenlock.

  • 7. Memorials, etc. honoring the 1Lt James W. Pratt Crew
    Eight members of the 427th BS James W. Pratt Crew whose lives were lost on 4 August 1943 when their B-17F 42-3134 (no name) crashed on the summit of Arenig Fawr, a 2,800 foot mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales, six miles east of Bala, while on a night cross-country flight.
    A. Crash site stone Monument and Memorial Plaque - Erected in 1945
    Lists the names of the eight members of the 1Lt James W. Pratt crew whose lives were lost. For many years a group of Bala citizens would climb the mountain annually and place a wreath at the monument.

    B. Resolution of Appreciation and Friendship to the People of Bala, Wales from the citizens of Tinley Park, IL. - Preserved in the Bala Village Hall - Presented in June 1995. Presented by Jack Dunn, Mayor of Tinley Park, IL to Cllr. Gwyndaf Hughes, Mayor of Bala, and members of the Town Council and members of the Penllyn Royal British Legion. Resolution initiated by Don Konley of Tinley Park following his 1994 visit to relatives in Bala when he discovered that a resident of Tinley Park, 2Lt Allen M. Boner, was one of the men killed on the 4 August 1943, 303rd BG(H) B-17 crash.

    C. After 75 years on the summit of Arenig Fawr the original plaque had deteriorated to such an extent that it was decided to replace it. The new plaque was installed on 31 August 2019 by a group of volunteers. See the new plaque here and much more information on the 1Lt James W. Pratt Crew page.

  • 8. Memorials, etc. honoring the 2ndLt George A Kyle Crew. On 16 December 1944, returning to Molesworth from a recalled combat mission, 360th BS B-17G 44-6504 (no name), with members of the 2Lt George A. Kyle Crew, crashed into the side of the 2,600 foot West Hill of the Cheviot Mountains near Alnwick, England. Two crewmen were killed: F/O Fred Holcombe (Navigator) and Sgt Frank R. Turner, Jr. (Togglier). Surviving injured and dazed crewmen were discovered by a Border Collie sheepdog, named Sheila who then summoned and guided her owner, Shepherd John Dagg and his neighbor Frank Moscrop, to the crash site where the crewmen were rescued. The shepherds were awarded the British Empire Medal and Dagg's Dog Sheila received the animal V.C. (Dickin Medal). The bereaved mother of Togglier Sgt Frank R. Turner wrote a thank you letter to John Dagg stating that she would like to purchase a pup from Sheila if she ever had a litter. A few months later Sheila obliged and the first of the new pups was dispatched by the R.A.F. to Columbia, S.C. as a gift to Mrs. Turner. The pup called Tibbie lived for eleven years and was adopted as the town pet of Columbia.
    A. Eighth Air Force Commendation Scrool - Presented to the Shepherds of Cheviot in 1945 - Sutherland Memorial Hall at the foot of the Cheviot
    Signed by LtGen James A. Doolittle, Commanding Officer, Eighth Air Force. Also displayed is a page from the local school daily record signed by Senior Officers of the USAAF and RAF.

    B. Crash site cairn, Plaque and B-17 Prop blade - Dedicated 19 May 1968
    Honors two crewmen of the 2Lt George A. Kyle Crew who lost their lives on the 16 December 1944 crash of B-17G #44-6504 (no name). Erected by the St. Michael's Church Choir Group. Monument unveiling was activated using two microswitches from the Bombardier's panel on a transatlantic signal from New York, NY. Participating in the transatlantic hookup were Eighth AF Commanders. Generals Carl A. Spaatz and Ira Eaker and Air Vice Marshall David Crowley-Milling, RAF Air Attaché and Representative from Honeywell Corp. who produced the micro switches.

    C. Cuddystone Hall, Sutherland, England - Memorial Plaque Dedicated 19 May 1995. Plaque to the shepherds of Cheviot.

    D. Cheviot Memorial College Valley, near Kirknewton (5/19/95) - Memorial to WWII airmen lost on Cheviot Hills - Includes two 303BG Lt Kyle Crewmen KIA on 12/16/44.

    E. Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland - Engine & artifacts from 12/16/44 Kyle Crew Cheviot Hills crash.

  • 9. Mears Ashby (3/31/96) - Plaque & Memorial Two Beauts & Ooold Soljer lost in midair collision 3/31/43 - 15 KIA 5 B/O.

  • 10. Cambridge American Cemetery, (Madingley) - 303rd BG(H) 303BG - 59 graves plus 85 listed on wall of missing names.

  • 1. Soire-Saint-Gery, Belgium (6/27/87) - Memorial & Plaque Fowler Crew1 KIA 6 POW 3 EVD 1/29/44.

  • 2. Cerfontaine, Belgium (8/15/93) - Monument & Plaque Osborn Crew 3 KIA 5 POW 2 EVD 12/30/43.

  • 3. Most, Czechoslovakia Airport (6/6/96) - Plaque Earthquake McGoon and Lt Kahler & Sgt Smith KIA 4/17/45.

  • 4. Pilsen, Czechoslovakia - Museum exhibit, Mauger Crew MIA 4/25/45 over Pilsen -3 KIA 4 POW 1 Evd. Crash site Memorial dedicated 7 May 1996.

  • 5. St Pere-en-Retz, France (10/17/84) - Monument Sterling Crew MIA 5/1/43 over St. Nazaire -6 KIA 3 POW 1 EVD. Photo of Black Swan, Sterling, 303rd & 427BS insignia in City Hall (5/97). Crash site photo.

  • 6. Malicorne-Sur-Sarthe, France (Late 40's) - Stone Memorial Monument O'Connor Crew MIA 7/4/43. Avoided crash into town. 3 KIA 4 POW 3 EVD. See: http://www.aerosteles.net/steleen-malicorne-b17

  • 7. Pluvigner, France (11/5/94) - Obelisk & Plaque near City Hall Park. Haas Crew "Beats Me" Crash in city 1/23/43 7 KIA 3 POW Beats Me Crew Plaque in City Hall.

  • 8. Beine-Nauroy, France (near Reims) (4/21/90) - Tablet in front of War Memorial - Dedicated to 2Lt Lawrence M. Wolf (KIA) Litman Crew 8/15.44 in Fearless Fosdick. Mission to Wiesbaden, Germany.

  • 9. La Baule les Pins, France (9/23/95) - 1/23/43 Crash Site Monument & Plaque (plaque close-up) Adams Crew in Snap!Crackle!Pop! 7 KIA 3 POW. S/Sgt Magee fell 20,000 feet onto St. Nazaire rail station without a parachute. [photos courtesy of Serge Lebourg]

  • 10. Pleubian, France (Scheduled for 1997) - Memorial Trojan Crew Yardbird 5/39/43-1 KIA 1 POW death 8 POW.

  • 11. Eisenberg, Germany (9/24/93) - Memorial & Plaque Barrat Crew 2/9/45 - 8 KIA 1 POW.

  • 12. Jarocin (Jaraczewo), Poland (6/30/91) - Memorial & Plaque Nemer Crew 2/9/45 in Pogue Ma Home - 5 KIA 1 POW 3 Returned.

  • 13. Brummen, Holland (9/15/95) - Memorial & Plaque Sgt Bader of Davis Crew.11/2/44 '8' Ball MkIII crash in city - 1 KIA 9 POW. Crash site photo.

  • 14. Krimice, Czechoslovakia (9/7/96) - Mauger KIA Crewmen Memorial - lost near Pilsen 25 April 1945.

  • 15. St. Nazaire, France City Hall Display - 1997 - Replica of St. Nazaire Display at the Mighty Eighth AF Heritage Museum in Savannah, GA. Honors 91st, 303rd, 305th and 306th BGs who bombed the submarine pens at St. Nazaire during 1942-1943 and St. Nazaire citizens who died during the bombings. Designed by Harry D. Gobrecht, Historian of the 303rdBGA. Presentation to Michel Lugez.

  • 16. Tressin, France (1994) Tressin War Memorial & "Old Glory" Memorial Plaque. In memory of the crew of B-17G #43-31432 "Old Glory - 359BS . 1Lt Dale M. Fisher Crew, MIA 22 June 1944 mission to Lille, France. (8 KIA, 1 Evadee).

  • 17. Eswars, France (2005) Eisele Crew Memorial. In memory of the crew of B-17G #42-107048 - 360BS. 1Lt Roy Eisele Crew, crashed 12 June 1944 mission to Cambrai/Epinoy, France. (9 KIA, 1 POW).

  • 18. American Cemeteries in Europe 303BG (Graves + wall of missing names) -
    England: Cambridge (59 + 85)
    France: Brittany (11 + 32), Normandy (19 + 0), Lorraine (34 + 1) Epinal (4 + 0)
    Belgium: Ardennes (87 + 6), Henri-Chappelle (2 + 3)
    Luxembourg: Luxembourg City (9 + 0)
    Netherlands: Margraten (74 + 40)
    Total - (299 + 167)