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303rd BG Original Crew
359th Sanderson Crew
Ellis J. Sanderson, Pilot
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B-17F Green Hornet #41-24603 (BN-V)
(original crew assigned 359BS: 10 Sep 1942 - photo: 10 Oct 1942)

(Back L-R) 1Lt Ellis J. Sanderson (P-POW); 2Lt Horace D. Bowman (CP-POW);
2Lt John W. Spence (N-Evd); 2Lt John W. Plummer (B)

(Front L-R) T/Sgt Sidney Devers (E-Evd), T/Sgt Miles B. Jones (R-Evd),
S/Sgt Harry F. Swanson (RWG-POW), S/Sgt Frank W. Greene (BT-Evd),
S/Sgt Joseph L. Markiewicz (TG-KIA)

Not in photo: Sgt Carlos J. Silva (LWG-POW)
Ranks and Grades at time of last combat mission flown

(KIA-POW-Evd) On 23 January 1943 mission # 11 to Lorient France in B-17F #41-24603 Green Hornet (359BS) BN-V. Shot down by enemy fighters partly caused when the 303rd BG(H) formation was broken up over the target when another Group was bombing above the 303rd BG(H) B-17s

Crew Notes (Combat missions flown):

  • 1Lt Ellis J. Sanderson (P-POW) - Flew on 8 credited missions: 1(AS) [17 Nov 42], 2, 5, 6(AS), 7(A), 8, 9, 10, 11 [23 Jan 43]. Mission #5 [ 6 Dec 42] flown as CoPilot with Maj Eugene A. Romig as Lead Crew Pilot. All of 1Lt Sanderson's missions were flown in B17F "Green Hornet" #41-24603 359BS (BN-V). Was wounded on mission 11. (AS) Credited abortive Sortie - no bombs dropped. (A) Non-Credited aborted mission For mission dates and targets see the missions list.
  • 2Lt John W. Spence (N-EVD), T/Sgt Sidney Devers (E-EVD), T/Sgt Miles B. Jones (R-EVD), S/Sgt Frank W. Greene (BTG-EVD), S/Sgt Harry E. Swanson (RWG-POW). Flew on all of the 8 credited 1Lt. Sanderson missions.
  • Sgt Carlos J. Silva (LWG-POW) - Flew on 9 credited missions: With 1Lt Sanderson on his 8 credited missions - Missions 9 & 10 as BTG; With Capt William R. Calhoun, Jr. mission 4. Was not on the original 1Lt Sanderson Crew that flew from the USA to England in October 1942.
  • 2Lt Howard D. Bowman (CP-POW) - Flew on 7 credited missions - Did not fly on mission #5. All others with 1Lt Sanderson.
  • 2Lt John W. Plummer (B) - Flew on 3 credited missions: With 1Lt Sanderson - Missions 1 & 2; With 1Lt Arthur E. Reddig - mission #4, 23 Nov 42. Entire crew KIA. B-17 crashed in Bay of Biscay in flames. Was replaced by 2Lt Grady B. Ward (POW) on the other six 1Lt Sanderson crew missions.
  • S/Sgt Joseph L. Markiewicz (TG-POW/DOW) - Flew on 6 credited missions. Did not fly on missions 8 & 9. All others with 1Lt Sanderson. Died of wounds on 12 February 1943 while a POW.
Substitute crewmen who flew with 1Lt Sanderson:
  • 2Lt Grady B. Ward (B-POW) - Flew on 8 credited missions: With 1Lt Arthur J. Reddig - missions 2 & 3 - his original crew; With 1Lt Sanderson on six missions 5, 6(AS), 7(A), 8, 9, 10 & 11 after 2Lt Plummer was KIA on mission #4.
  • T/Sgt Joseph G. Marcelonis (LWG) - With 1Lt Sanderson on missions 9 & 10. Was a member of the original 1Lt Jack Roller crew assigned 359BS on 15 September 1942. Completed his combat tour on 25 June 1943. Replaced Sgt Silva who flew as BTG.
  • T/Sgt Warren H. Gerow (TG) - Flew on 3 credited missions: With 1Lt Sanderson on two missions 8 & 9 - Replaced S/Sgt Markiewicz. With Maj Eugene Romig (P) and 1Lt Sanford T. Smith (CP) on mission 10 as BTG. With Capt Jack Roller as BTG on non- credited aborted mission 38. Flew from USA to Molesworth as a passenger with the original 1Lt Frank A. Saunders Crew in October 1942. Regular assignment was as an Armorer in the 359th BS Armament unit.

(L-R) T/Sgt Miles B. Jones, S/Sgt Frank W. Greene,
S/Sgt Joseph L. Markiewicz, T/Sgt Sidney Devers

[photo courtesy of Gordon Markiewicz]

[crew photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]