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359th Armament
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359th Armament
(photo taken 27 January 1944)

The Armorers maintained all the fifty-caliber machine guns and gunsights, and were in charge of loading the ammunition and bombs before each scheduled mission.

Armament Officer: Capt Samuel R. Sapienza
Armorers: James H. Eanes, Warren H. Gerow, Allen R. Robinson, Jr., Thomas J. Cahill, William S. Crowe, Jack F. Fanning, James J. Foley, Francis J. Gallant, Carl P. Gleason, Joseph R. Harris, James L. Jones, Steven A. Kamerance, Sidney Z. Kasman, Joe Kurolvech (middle row, 3rd from right), Rogerio Martinez, Robert W. Massie, Russell Nichols, George Rutherford, Jose C. Salazar, John P. Van Sleet, Robert E. Vastine, Frank N. Walker

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]