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B-17 Illustrations
by Mark Styling
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303rd BG B-17 Illustrations by Mark Styling
copyright © Mark Styling, used by permission
for information on high quality, personalized aviation illustrations, contact Mark Styling

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B-17G 43-37590 NEVA THE SILVER LADY (358BS) VK-Q
Tail Art Nose Art Full Nose Art

B-17G 43-37597 EARTHQUAKE McGOON (427BS) GN-G
Nose Art

B-17G 43-38289 SWEET LA RHONDA (359BS) BN-J
Nose Art

B-17G 43-38608 LUCILLE (359BS) BN-E
Nose Art

B-17G 43-39160 G-FOR-GEORGE aka LIL' BIT (358BS) VK-G
Nose Art

B-17G 44-8125 SPARKY (360BS) PU-Y
Nose Art

B-17G 44-8256 YANKEE GIRL (359BS) PFF BN-Y
Nose Art

[Illustrations courtesy of the Mark Styling]