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303rd in Action
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Vignettes and True Stories of the 303rd

Molesworth Diary: 303rd's Men at War
published in the Hell's Angels Newsletter February 1999 through February 2000
Eddie Deerfield, Editor

Unusual 303rd Experiences
published in the Hell's Angels Newsletter August 1996 through May 1998
Hal Susskind, Editor

Reflections on Being a Pilot in WWII
by Bertand Hallum, Jr., 360th Pilot

It's a Small World, Charlie Brown
by Julius E. Bass, 358th Pilot shot down 06 February 1944

Why Was I a Survivor?
The Story of Robert J. Sorenson
Hell's Angels Newsletter, November 1984, Bud Klint, Editor

Saving Sergeant Buske
An account of Remarkable Valor and Amazing Survival
from the Records of the 65th General Hospital,
a Duke University Army Reserve Unit of World War II
by Ivan W. Brown, Jr. MD

17 1/2 Minutes - An Eternity
by Al Dussliere

We Remember Bonn
In Memory of Melvin Alderman - Lt. Grafton N. Smith Crew
by Al Dussliere

"The Right Stuff"
a tribute to S/Sgt Calvin G. Turkington
by Hal Susskind

Outfield Fly
Buzzing the 1943 World Series
by Hap Rocketto

The Joseph Sawicki Story
Heroic Act of Self-Sacrifice
[from "Hell's Angels Newsletter" Nov 97 Copyright ©1997 303rd BGA]
by Hal Susskind

The Alan Magee Story
20,000 Feet - Without a Chute
[from "Hell's Angels Newsletter" Feb. 96 Copyright ©1996 303rd BGA]
by Hal Susskind

The Charles Spencer Story
Portrait of Courage
[from "Hell's Angels Newsletter" May 88 Copyright ©1988 303rd BGA]
by Hal Susskind