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359th Reed Crew
John W. Reed, Pilot
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(Reed assigned 359th BS: 2 April 1944)
(Upgraded from CoPilot, Russell W. Meier Crew, to Pilot: 18 June 1944)

Capt John W. Reed (P), 2Lt Maurice C. Altman (CP) (7),
2Lt Owen H. O'Neill (N) (6)

S/Sgt Wayne E. Meier (Tog)(6), S/Sgt Smith K. Cooley (E)(9),
Cpl William A. Rose (R)(4), Pvt Charles Wernet (BTG)(7),
Sgt Archie H. Hinson (WG)(4), S/Sgt Ashley A. Butler (TG)(4)

(4)(6)(7)(9) - Number of missions flown with John W. Reed (P)

Fifty-one dispatched (49 credited) missions flown by Capt John W. Reed

Crew Note:
Capt John W. Reed (P) - Flew 28 missions as CoPilot with three different Pilots. - 22 missions with the 2Lt Russell W. Meier crew. Was upgraded from CoPilot to Pilot on orders dated 18 June 1944 and flew his first of ten missions as crew Pilot on 21 June 1944 (Mission #187). Completed his first combat tour on 30 June 1944 (Mission 195) and volunteered for a second combat tour. Was shortly thereafter made a Lead Crew Pilot (Mission 210 on 30 July 1944) and flew seven missions as a Lead Crew Pilot and four as a Lead Crew CoPilot. Was promoted to Captain just prior to his last and 49th credited mission #268 on 5 November 1944.

[Researched by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]