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  This Day in 303rd Bomb Group (H) History  

The Men – The B-17s – The Missions – The Legacy

These historical pages are dedicated to the 8,960 men who served in the 303rd Bombardment Group (H) "Hell's Angels" during World War II. The 303rd Bomb Group was an Eighth Air Force, B-17 Bomber Group stationed at Molesworth, England from 1942 to 1945. Their motto, Might in Flight, was earned on each of their record 364 combat missions. Their place in history and the legacy they left behind will live forever.

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Thunderbird Home
B-17G #42-38050 Thunderbird was one of the 303rd's most famous aircraft and one of the few B-17s to fly over 100 combat missions. The B-17 Thunderbird website led to the development of this 303rd Bomb Group website. It contains a wealth of information on that great B-17, including all 538 crewmen who flew on her 134 recorded flights.

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Otis M. "Monte" White (359) 26 Mar 15
John T. Kernodle (427) 24 Mar 15
Leroy "Lee" Faulkner (360) 20 March 15
Nino L. Guiciardi (359) 25 Dec 14
Thomas A. Donovan (359) 8 Dec 1995
Edward R. Chapman (360) 28 Nov 14
Joseph C. Sofianek (360) 26 Mar 14
Enrique M. "Ricky" Reider (359) 4 Mar 13
Charles Lee Coons (360) 1 Nov 14
Everett E. Culp (358) 2 Nov 14
"Gone from our homes, forever in our hearts."

 This Day in 303rd Bomb Group History 
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