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303rd Bomb Group (H) History

June 30th    

June 30, 1942
ETO 8th AF: Joint Anglo-American control of Burtonwood air depot begins with a view toward subsequent exclusive control by the AAF. VIII Air Force Services Command is designated the US agent at Burtonwood.

June 30, 1943
8th AF: The VIII Fighter Command becomes independent of Royal Air Force (RAF) operational control. All fighter groups are placed under control of the 4th Air Defense Wing. The 4th and 19th Antisubmarine Squadrons (Heavy), AAF Antisubmarine Command arrive at St Eval, England from Newfoundland with B-24's.

June 30, 1944
303rd BG (H) Combat Mission No. 195
Target: Airfields at LeCulot and Coxyde, Belgium
Crews Dispatched: 35
Length of Mission: 5 hours, 51 minutes
Bomb Load: 38 x 100 lb G.P. M30 bombs
Bombing Altitudes: 25,700, 25,400, & 25,000 ft
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June 30, 1944
STRATEGIC OPERATIONS 8th AF: Mission 448: 153 bombers and 539 fighters are dispatched to attack airfields; 1 fighter is lost; of 75 B-17s, 39 hit Montdidier Airfield, 24 hit Le Culot Airfield and 11 hit Coxyde/Furnes Airfield, Belgium; 27 B-17s are damaged; of 78 B-24s, 35 hit Conches Airfield and 26 hit Evreux/Fauville Airfield, France without loss. Escort is provided by 168 of 178 P-51s without loss escort and afterwards strafe marshalling yards, airfields, barges, barracks, a train, a factory, and a warehouse with good results. No enemy aircraft are encountered and no aircraft are lost. Other P-38s, P-47s and P-51s hit bridges, marshalling yards and other targets in France; they claim 3-3-4 Luftwaffe aircraft in the air and 1-0-0 on the ground; 1 P-38 is lost (pilot is MIA) and 1 P-47 is damaged beyond repair (pilot is KIA).

8th AF history extracted from Jack McKillop's USAAF Combat Chronology

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