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I've Got Wings!
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I've Got Wings!

The following cartoons are from a booklet entitled "I've Got Wings!". It was given to pilots graduating from World War II Advanced Flying Schools. The 96 page booklet contains the cartoons, aviation "slanguage" and an aviation quiz. It is undated, though the copy this was scanned from would have been issued in 1943. The entire booklet (except the aviation quiz) is reproduced below:

FOR CENTURIES man looked longingly at the skies. Finally, some forty years ago, at Kill Devil Hill, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully completed the first mechanical flight.

Today, thanks to the Wright brothers, man can fly. The Air Age is here! Thousands of military and commercial airplanes are speeding across the country on well-defined, carefully regulated airways. Air routes are reaching across every continent, into every corner of the world. No place on the globe is now more than 60 flying hours from your nearest air field.

As aviation comes of age, air traffic is becoming more and more of a problem to pilots. Uniform rules and regulations are necessary to insure maximum safety in flight.

To the young men of America whose hearts are in the sky, we present this booklet. Its pictures teach the rules that every pilot must know before he can earn his wings. Learn what this booklet has to tell and you will have taken a long step toward the day when you can say, "I've Got Wings."

Art ideas for this booklet were contributed by personnel of the Air Traffic Control Division of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. "I've Got Wings" was prepared and published by the U. S. Army Air Forces, Flight Control Command.

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