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303rd Station Hospital
LtCol James T. Rogers, MD
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LtCol James T. Rogers, MD Collection
copyright © 1945 by James T. Rogers, MD, used by permission
These photos were taken by LtCol James T. Rogers, MC, MD, who was the 303rd Station Hospital Executive Officer from 1 January 1944 to 18 May 1945. The captions were written by LtCol Rogers in his photo album. We're grateful to the Rogers family the use of his copyrighted photos.
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303rd Station Hospital Directory

Col. Ira A. Abrahamson, MC, HQ, 303rd Station Hospital

Major James T. Rogers, MC, Executive Officer

"Just after the General Inspection" (Left to Right) Col. Williams (Chief of Dental Dept. - Texas), Major James T. Rogers (Executive Officer - Georgia), Col. Ragan (Commanding Officer - Oklahoma), Col. Kendall (Chief of Surgery - Mass.), Col. Woods (Chief of Medicine - Oregon), Capt. Menchire (Adjutant - Maryland)

"HQ 303rd Station Hospital"

"Just after lunch and the General Inspection. The General is about to leave. Notice everyone in step! HQ to the left. Post Office extreme right. Medical wards in the background." (Left to Right- beginning with front row): Col. Ragan (CO, 303rd Hospital), Col. Chambers (CO Hospital Center), Maj. Gen. Hawley (Chief Surgeon, ETO), second row: Capt. Thomanson (Chief Nurse), Col. Kendall (Chief Surgeon), Col. Woods (Chief of Medicine), third row: Major James T. Rogers (EO), Col. Williams (Chief of Dental),

"Tent expansion. Theatre is far left"

Lilford Hall

"Christmas decorations, Christmas night dinner with the detachment"

"Really snowing here, view out my window, bombers roaring overhead."

"Major Rogers in sleeping quarters"

"Nissen huts"

"Nissen huts"

"DET MED DEPT, 303rd Station Hospital, EM Recreation Hall, July 19, 1944."

"Third from left, Col. Abrahamson, fifth from left, Lt. Gen. Spaatz, Air Corps Commander, in front of HQ. Gen. Spaatz had just presented the Distinguished Service Cross to one of the patients for heroism."

Lt. General Spaatz presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to an officer on the ward."