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Air Corps Supply
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Air Corps Supply Building and Crew
(photo taken 15 May 1944)

(Kneeling L-R) Sgt Miles "Knobby" Walsh, Woiceki,
T/Sgt R.W. "Pete" Petersen, Cpl "Pappy" Lenz, T/Sgt Theodore "Ted" Essock,
Capt Joseph T. Freedman, PFC Roland "Lolly" Lalumiere, PFC Eddie Warchol,
S/Sgt Leo "Mike" Michalski, Cpl Gilbert "Poncho" Pacheco, S/Sgt Robert "Quig" Quigley

(Middle L-R) T/Sgt Lyon Callahan, Sgt Danny Mullaney,
Sgt William Zellum, PFC Stanley Stzurma, Sgt Wayne "Sud" Sudborough,
S/Sgt Wayne Baker, Cpl Leroy "Connie" Connelly, Cpl Leonard Butler,
Cpl Wilhelm "Willie" Kruetz, M/Sgt Thomas "Tommy" Fennell, Cpl George Quailey

(Back L-R) Cpl Albert "Pap" Wagle, PFC Buford Gislar,
Sgt Olen Obar, S/Sgt Harry "Junior' Guenther, T/Sgt Richard "Dick" Woolfe,
Sgt Maurice "Slim" Paulk, S/Sgt Frederick "Fred" Gruenberg, Cpl Travis Cummings

Air Corps Supply on the Bomb Shelter
(Back L-R) Pfc Roland Lalumiere, Pfc Buford Gislar, S/Sgt Robert Quigley,
M/Sgt Tommy Fennell, Sgt Henry Paeper, Cpl Leonard Butler,
Cpl Albert Wagle, T/Sgt Ted Essock, S/Sgt Wayne Baker

(Front L-R) Sgt Maurice Paulk, S/Sgt Leo Michalski, T/Sgt Dick Woolfe,
S/Sgt Harry Guenther, Sgt Danny Mullaney, Cpl George Quailey

Air Corps Supply behind the Barracks
(Back L-R) T/Sgt Ted Essock, S/Sgt Wayne Baker,
Cpl Leonard Butler, Sgt Danny Mullaney, Cpl Albert Wagle

(Middle L-R) Sgt Henry Paeper, T/Sgt Dick Woolfe,
Sgt Maurice Paulk, S/Sgt Harry Guenther, Cpl George Quailey

(Front L-R) S/Sgt Robert Quigley, S/Sgt Leo Michalski, Sgt Olen Obar

Air Corps Supply Office
(clockwise, around the room) Sgt Leroy Connelly, Sgt Maurice Paulk,
Cpl Leonard Butler, Sgt Wayne Sudborough,
S/Sgt Harry Guenther, M/Sgt Thomas Fennell,
S/Sgt Wayne Baker, PFC Roland Lalumiere

S/Sgt Harry "Junior" Guenther

Main desk in front of the "customer' window. S/Sgt Wayne Baker was returned home and S/Sgt Guenther took his place. Note the -- A.O.G. file [Aircraft On Ground] - One part and the ships serial number appeared on an AOG order. The clipboard next to it was for U.R.R. orders. [Urgent Repair Request]

[photos and comments courtesy of Maurice J. Paulk]