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3rd Station Complement
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3rd Station Complement
(photo taken 13 April 1944)

This Squadron was responsible for insuring that the Molesworth Base was a comfortable place to live, and to better the working facilities.

The Utilities Section electricians, carpenters, painters, engineers and handy-men maintained the base. They also constructed new buildings, remodeled old ones, built roads, repaired runways, and kept up a steady flow of water and electricity to base facilities.

Control Tower Section was responsible for maintaining radio contact with base aircraft and for the maintenance of the flare patch, caravan, beacon and searchlights.

The Communications Section installed and maintained the telephone and teletype systems essential for the base operations.

The base barber shops, tailor shops, gymnasium, showers, etc were also operated entirely or in part by the 3rd Station men.

Major Roland M. Cowan was Commanding Officer of the 3rd Station Complement Squadron and the base administrative inspector.

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]