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1199th Military Police
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1199th Military Police Company (photo taken 30 March 1944)
(Back L-R) Pfc Samuel "Tiny From", unknown,
Pfc Eugene E. Blackburn, unknown, unknown, unknown\

(Front L-R) T/Sgt Robert "Buck" Fisher, T5 James G. Anderson,
Pfc Paul O. Harmon, Pfc Micho R. Rodriquez, unknown, unknown

The first MPs at Molesworth, from October 1942 to January 1943, were assigned to Company "E", 156th Military Police under the command of Provost Marshall Lt Roland H. Ringsrud. After the Company "E", 156th MPs left, the responsibility of guarding the base and providing patrol and visitor control was assigned to the Provost Marshall Captain Frank M. Jones. Men from the various Bomb Squadrons served as military police and patrol and visitor control at the gates. In March 1944 the 1199th Military Police Company was organized, under the command of Provost Marshall Lt Francis R. Gorman, and trained military police specialists arrived at Molesworth. They took over the functions conducted by the previous Provost Marshall. Many of the men who had served as military policemen from the Bomb Squadrons were transferred out of Molesworth. S/Sgt Donald H. Woods (Woddie) was initially the acting First Sergeant. After T/Sgt Robert W. Fisher arrived, he took over as First Sergeant and Woodie became Provist Sergeant. In April 1945 the 1199th M.P. Company became part of the 425th Air Service Group and was assigned to the Headquarters and Base Service Squadron. Later many of the MPs were transferred with the 303rd to Africa.

The Military Policemen carried the M.O.S. 677 and their duties were endless. At Molesworth it was mostly guard duty at the gates, checking passes and vehicles in and out. There was a road that went through the base that was used by British civilians. The MPs would let them through at one gate and call the other gate to check that they got there. Molesworth MPs patrolled the small towns, pubs and dance halls, and on the base patrolled the base, checked the planes, gates and buildings. The night before D-Day there were MPs and squadron guards on all of the planes and MPs were at all interrogations and briefings. MPs also were on hand guarding all planes that crashed off base. The MPs had one motorcycle plus other personnel carriers and jeeps.

On Special occasions, such as the visit of high ranking officers, the Royal Family and the Russian VIPs, all gates and intersections were guarded and the MPs furnished highly efficient guards-or-honor, demonstrating just how military an American soldier can be, at the same time, furnishing real protection to the visitor. The low accident rate at Molesworth was directly attributed to the manner in which the Military Police enforced traffic regulations, and prevented absent-minded jeep drivers from wondering in front of taxiing or landing Fortresses.

A special honorary MP was an English Airedale dog named Jocko. Jocko was acquired by Military Policeman Paul O. Harman and served Molesworth during the entire stay of the 1199th MP Company.

(L-R) Pfc Eugene E. Blackburn,
Pfc Micho R. Rodriquez,
Pfc Paul O. Harmon

Acquista, Salavatore J Pfc 32786529 Military Policeman
Akers, Arthur Pfc 39854816 Military Policeman
Anderson, James G T/5 35649438 Military Policeman
Anderson, Richard T Pfc 36425174 Military Policeman
Barnes, Floyd E T/5 37494714 Military Policeman
Birdsall, Thomas W Cpl 31281737 Automotive Mechanic
Blackburn, Eugene M Pfc 35424847 Military Policeman
Bruex, Victor J Pfc 36801727 Military Policeman
Bumpus, George F Pfc 31294574 Military Policeman
Camic, Joe Z Pfc 35701184 Military Policeman
Casperson, William J Pfc 16089915 Military Policeman
Davenport, James D Pvt 15082614 Military Policeman
Davis, Clarence M Pfc 35657006 Military Policeman
Dennis, Thomas S T/5 33634169 Military Policeman
Dennistron, George P Pfc 35799476 Military Policeman
Edwards, Albert C Pvt 19146845 Military Policeman
Estes, William T Pfc 33193402 Military Policeman
Fisher, Robert W T/Sgt 6249089 NCOIC Military Police Company
Frum, Samuel Pfc 12145989 Military Policeman
Gallion, Paul L Sgt 37410307 Military Policeman NCO
Gorman, Francis R 1Lt 0584980 Commanding Officer
Greaves, Harold P Pfc 39035668 Military Policeman
Hanks, Lloyd Pfc 39414739 Military Policeman
Harmon, Paul O Pfc 33242769 Military Policeman
Jenson, Horace B Sgt  Military Policeman
Jones, Frank M Capt 0386839 Commanding Officer
Keene, Rupert C Pfc 34409846 Military Policeman
Klabe, Milton L Pfc 36301626 Military Policeman
Lagermann, Leslie A Unk 36828193 Military Policeman
Menzynski, Edward F Cpl 32795981 Administrative Clerk/typist
Miller, Jack W Sgt 33454791 Administrative NCO
Montano, Paschal J Pfc 36724573 Military Policeman
Natti, Robert H Sgt 31295927 Administrative NCO
Nelson, Thurston T T/5 34398974 Military Policeman
O'Toole, Martin J Pvt 33678483 Military Policeman
Olinger, Almos S Pfc 33678417 Military Policeman
Ramos, Romeo E Pvt 18200684 Military Policeman
Rantone, Bruno T/5 31259599 Supply Clerk
Reasoner, Arnold Sgt 18000478 Military Policeman NCO
Reeves, William M Pfc  Military Policeman
Rendon, Rudolph T Sgt  Military Policeman
Robertson, James L Pfc 34584103 Military Policeman
Rodriguez, Micho R Pfc 38435844 Military Policeman
Sampson, Franklin O Pfc 35752553 Military Policeman
Sathoff, Elmer W Pfc 33199547 Military Policeman
Sczesny, Benjamin F Pfc 35057602 Military Policeman
Seagraves, Howard W Pfc 34766791 Military Policeman
Silvey, William Sgt 38008605 Military Policeman NCO
Sotelo, Ernesto N Pfc 38440006 Military Policeman
Spavale, Sam S Cpl 37368145 Military Policeman
Starkey, Claude A Pvt 6921018 Military Policeman
Starnes, Clarence G Pfc 38436543 Truck Driver, Light
Tullos, Howard E Pfc 38430693 Military Policeman
Walter, Louis J Pfc 16097774 Military Policeman
Wilson, Melvin R T/4 34366677 Cook/Bakery Specialist
Wood, Donald H S/Sgt 6262957 Military Policeman NCO

[photos courtesy of Paul O. Harmon and the 303rdBGA Archives]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]