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Silver Medals
and Sweet Memories
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Silver Medals and Sweet Memories
by Don Reid, the Statler Brothers
(courtesy of Don Reid)

Just some pictures on a table,
Just some letters Mama saved,
And a costume brooch from England,
On the back it has engraved:
To Eileen, I love you, London 1943
And she never heard from him again,
And he never heard of me.

In Mama's bedroom closet,
to this day on her top shelf
There's a flag folded three cornered
Laying all by itself.
And the Sergeant would surely be honored
To know how pretty she still is.
And that after all these lonely years
His Eileen's still his.

And the war still ain't over for Mama,
Every night in her dreams she still sees
The young face of someone who left her
Silver medals and sweet memories.