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2003 Portland Reunion
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2003 Portland, Oregon Reunion
Doubletree Inn Columbia River
August 7 - 11, 2003


Doubletree Inn Columbia River Front Desk

Board of Directors Meeting

Al Dussliere & Walt Ferrari

Bob Hitchcock & Brian O'Neill

Bishop Rene Gracida

Gary and Susan Moncur

Mr and Mrs Hank Means

Bill McLeod and son Bill Jr.

Jack Rencher's sons and family

Van White, John Ford, Joanna Tressler

Mr and Mrs George Torrey

Eddie Deerfield, Al Dussliere,
Bill Cox, Dick Bowler

Walt Mayer with daughters Kristy,
Wendy and Kathy

Al and Lorene Dussliere

Trish and Lance Stoner

Jack Rencher

Mr and Mrs George T. Mackin

Brian and Vera O'Neill

Eddie and Mary Lee Deerfield

Thom Johnson and sons

Mr and Mrs Richard "Spider" Smith

Jim O'Leary

Dr. Robert Johnson, Avis Hanna,
Mary Hemminger

unknown, unknown, Clifford Fontaine,
Jon Schulstad, Lance Stoner

Roger and Barbara Bates

Dennis and Marriane Smith

Walt Mayer & daughter Kathy Johnson

Charlie and Vicki Sykes

Ed and Sue Gardner

Mr and Mrs Jack Fawcett

[photos courtesy of Gary L. Moncur]