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2005 Dayton Reunion
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2005 Dayton, Ohio Reunion
Crowne Plaza Hotel
August 23 - 27, 2005

Welcome to Dayton

Registration Desk
Betty Kelley and Jill Miller

2005 Executive Committee
Red Timm, Al Dussliere, Gary Moncur, President Bill Cox, Eddie Deerfield, Jean Cox
Ed Gardner (absent)

Bill Cox, Al Dussliere - Passing the gavel.

Jean and Bill Cox

Bill Albertson - book signing

Ed and Jill Miller

Al Dussliere, Bill McLeod III and Bill McLeod Jr. at the Welcome Reception

Memorial Service - Jill Miller, Carol Sage, Bishop Gracida, Eddie Deerfield, Dale Ragel, John Newman, Bill McLeod III

John Newman, Bill McLeod III, Red Timm

Memorial Service - George Kyle

Red Timm reading the TAPS names

Memorial Service - Color Guard

Gary Moncur, Mel Schulstad

Charlie and Vicki Sykes

Mel Schulstad, Kathy Johnson

Al Dussliere, Jean Charles Mace, Mel Schulstad

B-17 Model Presentation

Steve McColaugh, Christ Christoff

B-17 Model Presentation

Helen and Jimmy Strong

Cal and Violet Hansen and daughters

Mike Hitchcock - Closing Banquet Reception

Susan Moncur, Fred Reichel

Vera and Lee Bashor

Red Timm, Lee Faulkner

Alice and Red Timm

Mary Lee and Eddie Deerfield

Ruth and Walt Ferrari

Marjorie and Dick Johnson

Bill and Doris Roche

Kate and Steve McColaugh, Mark Young

Al Dussliere, Dick Johnson - Award Presentation

Closing Banquet

Closing Banquet

Closing Banquet

Closing Banquet

Closing Banquet

Closing Banquet