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Control Tower
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These classic photographs of the Molesworth Control Tower were taken by 303rd Photographer Milton "Chic" Cantor. The two photos were taken sequentially. In the background, aircraft are lined up on the taxiway and main runway for take off. In the second photo a B-17 is rolling down the main runway.

The B-17 in the first photo, passing the tower, is serial 359th BS B-17G #42-97284 Ain't Misbehavin aka Ain't Miss Bea Haven (BN-S), delivered to 359th BS on 09 April 1944. She was flown to Italy in a badly damaged condition after bombing Munich, Germany on 16 July 1944 (mission #204 1Lt Walter J. Carney, Pilot). Ain't Misbehavin was repaired and transferred to the 15th AF, at Lucera, Italy on 22 July 1944. It returned to the USA on 10 June 1945 and to RFC, Kingman, AZ, for salvage on 7 December 1945. #42-97284 was dispatched on 48 combat missions.

Molesworth Control Tower
Radio Procedures --- Callsign: SABBO

B-17G #42-97284 Ain't Misbehavin 359BS (BN-S)

Molesworth Control Tower

Molesworth Control Tower 28 September 1944
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[photos courtesy of Fred Williams]