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B-17G #42-39769 Missmanooki
303rd BG Boneyard
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Missmanooki at the Boneyard

19 December 1943 - Pre-combat Formation Training mission: 359th BS B-17G # 42-39769 Missmanooki was assigned to the Lt Billy Goolsby Crew, the officers of which were roommates of the Lt Donald W. Stoulil crew. The Stoulil crew borrowed the B-17 for the formation practice flight. Missmanooki had flown on two combat missions with the Goolsby crew. After “four hours of dodging flak over Bedford and Northampton” Lt Stoulil landed the B-17 at Molesworth. During the landing roll the landing gear switch was accidentally activated causing the landing gear to retract. The B-17 was heavily damaged and was sent to the boneyard for salvage. More crash photos and information are on the 2Lt Donald W. Stoulil Crew page.

[photo courtesy of Maynard Pitcher]