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Mission Day
Photo Series
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Photo Series Featuring the Enlisted Men of the
359th Owen A. Knutzen Crew

Wake Up Early - T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann in bed

Breakfast Time
(L-R) Sgt Jerome W. Fogle, Jr., Sgt Jack B. Kennedy, T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann

(L-R) Sgt Michael Klym, Sgt Andrew K. Jobe, Jr., T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann


T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann Putting on the Mae West

T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann Leaving for the Aircraft

T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann At the Tail Gunner Position

Mission Done!
(L-R) Sgt Jerome W. Fogle, Jr., T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann, Sgt Jack B. Kennedy

(L-R) Unknown, Sgt Christopher Tarnava, T/Sgt Alexander Hartmann,

[photos courtesy of Mark Forlow - identification by LeRoy P. Christenson]