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"Hell's Angels"
Monahan Crew
& Ground Crew
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Monahan Crew and Hell's Angels Ground Crew
B-17F #42-24577 Hell's Angels (358BS) VK-D
[NOTE: This photo is very large and is being forced to fit into the box above.
To see the full photo, right click on it and save it to your hard drive.]
On top of the aircraft from Left to Right:
S/Sgt David Miller (TG), S/Sgt James H. Comer, Jr. (LWG),
S/Sgt Frank Kimotek (R), S/Sgt Alfred R. Buinicky (BT),
S/Sgt Walter Gasser (AE/RWG), T/Sgt M.D. Ignaczewski (E),
1Lt William J. Monahan (P), 1Lt Ripley W. Joy (P),
2Lt William P. Maher (N), 2Lt Walter Hargrove (B),

On propeller hub:
Crew Chief Fabian Folmer

Ground Crewmen on scaffolding:
(Back L-R) Edward A. West, Jr., John R. Kosilla, Wilson Fairfield
(Front L-R) John R. Johnson, Earnest Touhey, Kasmer Weygrayn

On the bomb: unknown Armorers

In the Jeep: Major Kirk R. Mitchell

For more information, see the 358th William J. Monahan Crew photo

[photo courtesy of James Hargrove]