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Crash of "8-Ball"
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B-17G #42-97781 The 8 Ball MkIII

359th BS (BN-O) - MIA 2 November 1944
Lt J.T. Davis, Pilot (1 KIA, 8 POW & 1 Evd/POW). The B-17 crashed into a meadow just short of the Apeldorn Canal near the village of Eerbeek, Holland. The B-17 hit a birch tree in the meadow that caused it to veer away from a house occupied by Mrs. Riek Brouwer-Boezewinkle. The Germans were quick on the sceen and guarded the wreckage at first. After they had inspected the interior and removed remaining machine guns and ammunition, the wreckage was left to itself. Many Dutch civilians visited the location and stripped off The 8 Ball MkIII . After the war a scrap metal firm took away the remains of this once proud 303rd BG(H) B-17.