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B-17G 44-8495 Crash
10 January 1945
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B-17G 44-8495 (no name) 303rd BG / 427th BS (GN-Y)
Mission with 381st BG Crew crashed at Ghent, Belgium - January 10, 1945.
General Patton recaptured this German airfield two days
prior to the crash landing during the Battle of the Bulge.

381st BG Crew

(Back L-R)
Sgt. Irvin Schlom (Radio Operator)
Sgt. Richard E. Davis (Right Waist Gunner)
Sgt. William "Pete" C. Sprouse (Tail Gunner)
1st Lt. Earl J. Malerich (GH Navigator)
Sgt. Michael Stohazu (Flight Engineer & Top Turret Operator)
(Front L-R)
Lt. Adrian L. Lemon (PFF Navigator)
1st Lt. Robert J. Roush (Pilot)
Lt. Fred L. Crouse (Co-Pilot)
2Lt Stuart G. Newman (Dead Recogning Navigator)
Missing from photo:
Lt. Hugh W. Treadwell (Bombardier) - taking picture
S/Sgt. Arthur C. Hafner (Left Waist Gunner)
- obtaining medical attention as right leg was blown off by anti-aircraft fire.

Malerich was a 303rd BG Navigator specially trained in GH Navigation.
He and the B-17 were borrowed from the 303rd Bomb Group for this mission.

B-17G 44-8495 (no name) 303rd BG / 427th BS (GN-Y)

In extremely icy cold weather, Polish and British military men are viewing the damaged
Triangle "C" tail section. 1Lt Robert J. Roush (P) is on the left in the right-hand photo.

Sgts Richard Davis and Irvin Schlom at propeller

[photos courtesy of Mike Malerich]