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B-17F #41-24606
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B-17F #41-24606 Werewolf 358BS (VK-H)

B-17F #41-24606 Werewolf (358th BS) VK-H after the landing by Lt George Oxrider on a rugby field on the grounds of a mental hospital at Dawlish in Devon, England. The B-17 was returning from a mission to Lorient, France on 23 January 1943.

Members of a VIII Service Command Mobil Repair Unit based at Dawlish, Devon hoisting a new #3 engine into place on B-17F Werewolf following her emergency landing on the grounds of a mental hospital at Dawlish by 1Lt George J. Oxrider. The other nine crewmen bailed out of the damaged B-17 on the south coast of England after Werewolf limped home with only one engine operating. VIII Bomber Command removed trees, walls and hedges to construct an improvised 2,500 ft runway. After repair the B-17 was flown out on 22 April 1943 to the Hunnington Air Depot for further repairs and then reassigned to the 401st BS/ 91st for two months before going to the 1st Combat Crew Replacement Centre at Bovingdon. Members of the crew on the 23 January 1943 missions were: 1Lt George J. Oxrider (P), 2Lt Donald W. Hurlburt (CP), 2Lt Donald L. Grant (N), 2Lt Earl A. Steele (B), T/Sgt Frederick B. Ziemer (E), S/Sgt Everett A. Dasher (R), Sgt Robert C. Smith (BTG), Sgt Samuel P. Heaps (LWG), Sgt Samuel P. Maxwell (RWG), Sgt James K. Sadler (TG)

[photo courtesy of Jing Zhou]
[Researched by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]