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Official 303rd BG
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Held by LtGen Ira C. Eaker, Col Kermit K. Stevens, Col Lewis E. Lyle and Col James H. Wallace. This undated photo was taken at the Pentagon in Washington DC. Present whereabouts of the Colors is not known.
  • LtGen Ira C. Eaker, CG 8th AF - 23 February 1942 to 5 January 1944

  • Colonel Kermit D. Stevens, CO 303rd BG(H) - 05 August 1943 to 01 September 1944

  • Colonel Lewis E. Lyle, Deputy CO 303rd BG(H) 20 June 1943 to 01 September 1944, Acting CO 303rd BG(H)- 01 September 1944 to 11 October 1944, CO 379th BG(H)- 14 October 1944 to 06 May 1945, CO 41st Combat Wing 6 May 1945

  • Colonel James H. Wallace, CO 303rd BG(H) 13 July 1942 to 12 February 1943

  • Major Frank J. Doherty - 360BS Adjutant (01 March 1942), 303rd BG(H) Adjutant (Aug 1942 to 16 Dec 1944), 303rd BG(H) Ground Executive Officer (16 Dec 1944 to 21 May 1945), CO 425th Air Service Group (23 May 1945)

  • Major Melvin T. McCoy - 359th BS Engineering Officer (26 April 1942), 303rd BG(H) Engineering Officer (Unknown effective date). 444th Sub-Depot Engineering Officer

  • Unknown officer
[top photo from Col. Stevens Collection - bottom photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]