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Lead Crew - Mission #315
15 Feb 1945
Dresden, Germany
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B-17G (no name) #44-8038 (427BS) PFF GN-Z
41st CBW-A Lead (427BS) - Pilot Maj R.W. Sheets / CoPilot 1Lt S.B. Ashwell

(Back L-R) 1Lt L.J. Lifshus (MN), 2Lt J.G. Wilson (TG-O), Maj R.W. Sheets (P),
Capt H.V. Tollack (N), Capt M.A. Neubert (N), 1Lt S.B. Ashwell (CP)

(Front L-R) T/Sgt P.E. Smith (R), T/Sgt J.J. Robertson (E),
T/Sgt J.B. Price (WG), Capt G.T. Orvis, Jr. (B)

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives - identification by Mark Forlow]

This flak patch was cut from a transparent piece of vinyl and attached to the large briefing room map with a stick-pin. It represented the anti-aircraft gun emplacement around the city. The Dresden patch measures two and one half inches at the widest point. It would extend several miles out from the city. The Berlin patch was much larger. Viewing the anti-aircraft gun emplacements on the map also gave some indication as to the so called safe corridors across Germany.

[Dresden Flak Patch and text courtesy of Billy L. Runnels, Bombardier on the Howard Lacker Crew - this was his first mission]