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Lead Crew - Mission #114
28 Feb 1944
Bois Coquerol, France
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Vicious Virgin #42-5341 (427BS) GN-Q
41st CBW Lead (427BS) - Pilot 1Lt D.L. Barnes / CoPilot Capt R.P Dubell

(Back L-R) 1Lt Robert V. Doyle (N), 1Lt John J. Reeder (B),
1Lt John J. Culpin, Jr. (N), 2Lt Dallas E. Kendall (TG),
Capt Richard P. Dubell (CP), 1Lt Deane L. Barnes (P)

(Front L-R) Sgt Andrew G. Benevento (R), S/Sgt John R. Chancellor (BT),
S/Sgt Craig W. Winters (LWG), S/Sgt John B. Price (RWG), T/Sgt Willie T. Sparks (E)

[photo and identification courtesy of Mark Forlow]