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Lead Crew - Mission #99
14 Jan 1944
Le Meillard, France
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The '8' Ball Mk II #41-24635 (359BS) BN-O
41st CBW Lead (358BS) - Pilot Capt J.V. Lemmon / CoPilot LtCol B.K. Voorhees

(Back L-R) Lt H.H. Steely (N), Lt D.R. Davis (N),
Lt F.T. Clark (B), LtCol B.K. Voorhees (CP), Capt J.V. Lemmon (P)

(Front L-R) S/Sgt D.L. Wilson (E), Sgt F.J. Mirenda (BT),
Sgt M.D. Garcia (TG), S/Sgt D.F. Gilmore (R),
Sgt V.D. Swank (TG-O), S/Sgt J.C. McLawhorn (WG)

[photo courtesy of Norm Jacobsen, Fred T. Clark and the Irue Ferguson Family - identification by Mark Forlow]