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303rd BG Commanders
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Group and Squadron Commanders
[from "Might in Flight" Copyright ©1997 Harry D. Gobrecht]

Group Commanding Officers
LtCol Ford J. Lauer03 Feb 42
LtCol John R. Sutherland03 Feb 42
Col Ford J. Lauer17 Feb 42
Col Warren E. Higgens29 May 42
LtCol John R. Sutherland06 Jun42
Col James H. Wallace13 Jul 42
LtCol Charles E. Marion (A)23 Jan 43
Col James H. Wallace01 Feb 43
LtCol Charles E. Marion (A) 13 Feb 43
LtCol George L. Robinson (A) 03 Apr 43
Col Charles E. Marion 28 May 43
Col Kermit D. Stevens 05 Aug43
LtCol Lewis E. Lyle (A)01 Sep 44
LtCol Richard H. Cole (A) 11 Oct 44
Col William S. Raper (Rader) 29 Oct 44
Col William C. Sipes, Jr. 10 Apr 45
Capt Bernard Thompson 11 Jun 45

Deputy Group
Commanding Officers
LtCol Charles E. Marion 01 Mar 42
LtCol George L. Robinson 13 Feb 43
LtCol Lewis E. Lyle 20 Jun 43
LtCol Edgar E. Snyder 01 Nov 44
LtCol John R. Martin 11 Jun 45

Group Executive Officers
LtCol John R. Sutherland03 Feb 42
LtCol Wesley A. Behel 16 Dec 42
LtCol Frank J. Doherty 16 Dec 44
Major Ronald M. Cowan 22 May 45

Group Operations Officers
LtCol George L. Robinson 03 Feb 42
LtCol Eugene A. Romig 06 Mar 43
Major Glynn F. Shumake Aug 43
Major Louis "Mel" Schulstad, Jr. 25 Jan 45
Major Robert J. Hullar 08 May 45

358th Bombardment Squadron
Capt Aquilla Hughes, Jr.03 Feb 42
Major Clemens Z. Wurzbach26 Jul 42
Major Kirk R. Mitchell **21 Apr 43
Major George T. Mackin30 Mar 44
Major Glynn F. Shumake25 Jan 45
Capt Willard H. Bergeron (A)30 Mar45
Major Robert M. Nye08 Apr 45
** died in military plane crash in 1957

359th Bombardment Squadron
Capt Joseph A. Thomas03 Feb 42
1stLt William A. Delehay18 May 42
Major Eugene A. Romig01 Jul 42
LtCol William R. Calhoun, Jr.06 Mar 43
LtCol Richard H. Cole23 Nov 43
Capt William E. Eisenhart 03 June 45
to 19 June 45

360th Bombardment Squadron
Capt Charles A. Leidy03 Feb 42
Capt Charles E. MarionJun 42
Capt Hewitt T. WhelessJun42
1stLt Jean A. Jack14 Jun 42
Major Richard D. Callaway26 Jul 42
LtCol Lewis E. Lyle01 Jan 43
LtCol Walter K. Shayler 6 Aug 43
Major John J. Casello10 Jul 44
LtCol Walter K. Shayler17 Sep 44
Major William C. Heller05 Feb 45

427th Bombardment Squadron
Major Charles C. Sheridan 03 Feb 42
Major Glenn E. Hagenbuch 03 Jan 43
LtCol Edgar E. Snyder, Jr. 11 Jul 43
Major Robert W. Sheets 01 Nov 44

(A) Acting Commanding Officer during
absence of regular Commanding Officer