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303rd BG B-17s
in Film Archives
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303rd B-17s in Film Archives
researched by Donald Kehne

Below is a list of USAAF films that contain identifiable footage of 303rd Bomb Group (H) Aircraft. Research was done by Donald Kehne at the National Archives II in College Park, Maryland. This listing is not exhaustive and his work is continuing. We are grateful to Don for this valuable contribution.

41-24416 "Black Diamond Express", 359BS (BN-V) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1, Reel 4)
41-24526 "Leapin Liz", 358BS (VK-J) 342-USAF-49647 (shot of nose art, pilot, takeoff)
41-24558 "Hunga-Dunga", 358BS (VK-F) 342-USAF-49647 (shot of nose art)
41-24561 "The Duchess", 359BS (BN-T) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1, various aerial shots of a/c in formation) 342-USAF-49647 (shot of nose art)
41-24562 "Sky Wolf", 358BS (VK-A) 342-USAF-49647 (shot of nose art) 18-CS-1060 (Reel 1: aerial shot of a/c in formation)
41-24563 "Garbage", 360BS 342-USAF-49647 (various shots: nose art, formation)
41-24565 "Idaho Potato Peeler", 359BS (BN-P) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art, tail)
41-24566 "Zombie", 359BS (BN-W) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24567 "Beats Me!", 360BS (PU-U) 342-USAF-49647 (brief shot showing serial number)
41-24568 "Lady Fairweather", 359BS (BN-U) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24577 "Hell's Angels" 358BS (VK-D) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 3, brief shot of plane) 18-CS-1860 (Reel 2: shot of nose art)
41-24579 "Thumper", 360BS (PU-F) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art, crew)
41-24580 "Hell Cat", 358BS (VK-C) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art, pilot, take-off)
41-24581 "The 8 Ball", 359BS (BN-O) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24582 "One O'Clock Jump", 358BS (VK-G) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art) 18-CS-29 (in formation?)
41-24587 "Bad Check", 427BS (GN-P) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art) 342-USAF-39901? (Reel 1: 'GN-P' is discernible, but serial # is not; could be 42-38051) 18-CS-29? ('GN-P' is discernible, serial number is not; could be 42-38051)
41-24602 "Yardbird", 360BS (PU-A) 18-CS-29 ('PU-A' is discernible)
41-24603 "Green Hornet" 359BS (BN-V)
(tail art is "VAT 69")
342-USAF-49647 (nose art, tail art)
41-24605 "Knock-out Dropper" 359BS (BN-R) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art, serial number) 18-CS-710 (landing, call letters is discernible) 18-CS-1060 (Reel 1:
41-24607 "Jerry Jinx", 427BS (GN-W) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24608 "Yahoodi" 359BS (BN-S) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24612 "The Devil Himself", 427BS (GN-R) 342-USAF-49647 (nose art)
41-24619 "S for Sugar", 427BS (GN-S) 342-USAF-18144 (serial # and call letters visible in formation, landing)
41-24635 "The 8 Ball"[MK II or III?], 359BS (BN-O) 18-CS-9024 ("Combat America" raw footage, Reel 1: title slate reads "Eightball"; 'BN' is discernible) 18-CS-9026 ("Combat America" raw footage: nose art) 18-CS-9029 ("Combat America" raw footage: a/c crew w/ Clark Gable, slate "Eightball 6/9/43") 18-CS-9031 ("Combat America" raw footage: a/c on hardstand, call letters & serial number visible)
42-5052 "Mizpah" 358BS (GN-O), trans from 306BG 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 3: on hardstand; nose art, serial number, GN-E, Triangle-C)
42-5054 "Bell of San Joaquin" 360BS (PU-I) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 2: formation shot, call letters; Reel 3: formation shot, call letters)
42-5177 "Fast Worker MK II", 359BS (BN-U) 18-CS-710 (landing shot; call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-5257 "Miss Bea Haven", 359BS (BN-S) 342-USAF-39901 (formation shot: serial number, call letter, Triangle-C visible)
42-5260 "Yardbird", 360BS (PU-A) 18-CS-29 (nose art, call letters)
42-5430 "Good Enuf", 359BS (BN-V) 18-CS-9028 ("Combat America" raw footage: formation shot, serial number, call letters visible)
42-29571 "Charley Horse", 358BS (VK-L) 342-USAF-18144 (serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-229795 "The Flying Bitch" 427BS (GN-O) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 3: call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-31183 "Bad Penny" 358BS (VK-Y) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1: call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible; Reel 2: Call letters visible) 18-CS-755? (nose art; could be "Bad Penny" from 91BG)
42-31213 "Pistol Packin Mama", 359BS (BN-Z) 342-USAF-39901 (Call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-31224 "Hell 'n the Heavens", 358BS (VK-F) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1: , Reel 2)
42-31340 "Miss Liberty", 360BS (PU-D) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 3: Call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-31754 (no name), 427BS (GN-L) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 2)
42-31830 "Marie", 359BS (BN-N) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 2: Call letters, serial number, Triangle-C visible)
42-38051 "My Yorkshire Dream", 427BS (GN-P) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1: Call letters visible; could be 41-24587)
42-38154 (no name), 358BS (VK-E?) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 4: Serial number, call letter, Triangle-C visible)
42-38168 "Dear Mom", 359BS (BN-M) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 1: Call letters, Triangle-C visible; serial number 23??168)
42-39785 "Thru Hel-en Hiwater", 358BS (VK-H) 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 2: Triangle-C, serial number visible) 18-CS-1142 (Triangle-C, call letter serial number visible; shows battle damage)
42-39875 "Buzz Blonde", 358BS 342-USAF-39901 (Reels 4 & 5: formation shots w/ call letters, serial #, Triangle-C visible)
42-39781 "Career Gal"??, 360BS 342-USAF-39901 (Reel 3: Serial number, Triangle-C, nose art w/ "Career Gal"? or "Career Girl"? visible)