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"Lady Luck"
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Lady Luck Ground Crew
B-17F #42-5434 360BS (PU-J)

Donald N. Richter, Shuster, Donald I. Lau,
Wilbert B. O'Neil, Charles F. Prosser,
"Little Shot" Ward, "Greenie",
Samuel P. Rodman (nose art artist)

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]

Lady Luck Ground Crew
B-17F #42-5434 360BS (PU-J)

M/Sgt Walter C. Melton, Crew Chief
(back row, 3rd from left)
Sgt Joseph H. Conklin (front row, 3rd from left)
T/Sgt Meyer "Mike" Levin (front row, far right)

[photo courtesy of Bill Conklin]