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"Buzz Blonde"
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Buzz Blonde Ground Crew
B-17G #42-39875 427BS (GN-S)

Cecil J. Whitney (2nd from left)
other crewmen unknown

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]

see: We Remember Bonn by Al Dussliere

This picture of Buzz Blonde was reportedly taken in April or May 1945. We left her there after our 13th mission. A copy of the photo was sent to me by John Derneden, who is a career military in the Luxembourg Army. A copy was also sent by Joss Le Clercq, a Frenchman who has a hobby of researching World War 2 aircraft which came down on the continent. All salvageable parts had been removed from the aircraft. The plane number is not readable but the row of bombs painted on the left side of the nose is the same as the painting on "Buzz Blonde."

[photo and comments courtesy of Al Dussliere]