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Molesworth Sketches
by Bob Hand
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Series of sketches done at Molesworth in 1944 - 1945 by Bob Hand

The sketches shown here were done in the barracks back at Molesworth while sitting around after a day's mission. They attempt to show what it was like, from the mad dash to the dining room at 0430, to suiting up, attending briefing, watching the Forts take off, the de-briefing interrogation and then the Big 35 painted on the pants-seat of the lucky crew that's completed their tour. The helmeted flier drawing gives you some idea of what it was like to draw life sustaining oxygen through a nine-foot hose into a rubber mask for seven or eight hours at a time. It was all part of an incredible experience, tackled by youngsters who put their trust in their fellow crew members, their able leaders and the great B-17 Flying Fortress. (by Bob Hand)

[photos and text courtesy of Bob Hand]