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359th Magee Crew
Jack R. Magee, Pilot
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(crew assigned 359BS: 01 April 1945 - photo: January 1945)

(Back L-R) Sgt Jacob E. Dow (E)(5), T/Sgt John F. Dittmar (R)(5),
Cpl Herbert P. Madey (WG)(4), Sgt Wilbur H. Meyer, Jr. (TG)(5),
Sgt Omer J. Flandermeyer (Tog)(3), Sgt Herbert Bauer (BT)(5)

(Front L-R) 1Lt Jack R. Magee (P)(1)(5),
2Lt Lawrence J. Briody (CP)(2), 2Lt Paul E. Chennault, Jr. (N)(5)

Crew Notes:
The Magee Crew flew on seven combat missions - #356 (8 Apr 4) 357, 358, 360, 361, 363 & 364 (25 Apr 45)
  1. 1Lt Jack R. Magee (P) - Flew as a Copilot on missions 356 & 357 Combat Indoctrination Pilots - Lt Emerson E. Heller & Lt Warren Mauger
  2. 2Lt Lawrence J. Briody (CP) - Did not fly on missions 356 & 357
  3. Sgt Omer J. Flandermeyer (TOG) - Did not fly on mission 357
  4. Cpl Herbert P. Madey (WG) - Deleted from crew before the crew's first mission Flew on mission 361 as an Radio Control Measures Operator with the 359BS 2Lt Harvey E. Towne Crew.
  5. Other Crewmen - 2Lt Chennault (N), Sgt Dow (E), S/Sgt Dittmar (R), Cpl Bauer (BT), and Sgt Meyer (TG) - Flew all seven of the Magee Crew missions.
Crew Incident (303rd BG's last combat mission): Mission #364, 25 April 1945 - To Pilsen, Czechoslovakia in B-17G #44-6516 My Darling 369th BS (PU-Q). On the second bomb run the Top Turret Gunner, Sgt Jacob E. Dow, had just vacated his turret when the threat of enemy fighters was suspended and flak started up. An 88mm round exploded above the aircraft and a large piece of shrapnel came through the turret and shattered pilot Jack R. Magee's right arm and elbow. Although badly wounded Lt Magee, and Co-pilot Lt Lawrence Briody completed the bomb run. After "Bombs away" Lt Briody flew the B-17. Other crewmen got Lt Magee out of his seat and applied first aid to stop the profuse bleeding and treat him for shock before returning to their stations for the long flight back to Molesworth. Lt Magee, after landing, was placed in the 303rd station hospital and spent the next six months in military hospitals recovering from his wounds. [See Air Force Museum Foundation, Friends Journal, Summer 2002, page 47 - "The Last of the Last" article by Ted A. Morris, LtCol, USDAF (Ret)]

[photo courtesy of John F. Dittmar]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]