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358th Dunn Crew
James R. Dunn, Pilot
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(Crew assigned 358BS: 22 Feb 1943)

2Lt James R. Dunn (P)(KIA), 2Lt Keith L. Hafen (CP)(KIA),
2Lt George Howard Boyd (N)(KIA), 2Lt Robert A. Lizotte (B)(KIA)

T/Sgt Lamoine D. Yager (E)(KIA), T/Sgt Earl Hogue (R)(B/O-WIA),
S/Sgt Carl E. Shellman (BTG)(KIA), S/Sgt Stanislaus Nowak (RWG)(B/O-WIA),
Sgt William A. Testoni (LWG)(B/O), S/Sgt Eugene C. Clowe (TG)(KIA)

Combat missions flown by members of the 2Lt James R. Dunn crew:

Crewman (Crew Position) (Fate) 303rd BG
Lt Dunn
other Pilots
2Lt James R. Dunn (P) (KIA) 3 24, 26, 27 None
2Lt Keith L. Hafen (CP)(KIA) 2 26, 27 None
2Lt G. Howard Boyd (N)(KIA) 2 24, 27 None
2Lt Robert A. Lizotte (B)(KIA) 3 24, 26, 27 None
T/Sgt Lamoine D. Yager (E)(KIA) 7 24, 26, 27 21,22,23,25
T/Sgt Earl Hogue (R)(B/O-Injured) 17 24, 26, 27 19, 20, 31, 33, 34,
35, 37, 40, 41, 42,
43, 45, 47, 48
S/Sgt Carl E. Shellman (BTG)(KIA) 7 24, 26, 27 21,22,23,25
S/Sgt Stanislaus Nowak (RWG)(B/O-Injured) 4 24, 26, 27 23
Sgt William A. Testoni (LWG)(B/O) 3 26, 27 28
S/Sgt Eugene C. Clowe (TG)(KIA) 3 24, 26, 27 None
B-17F missions flown by 2Lt James R. Dunn:
24 - 18 Mar 1943 - Vegesack, Germ - 42-29520 (No name) (427BS) GN-O
26 - 28 Mar 1943 - Rouen, France - 42-5432 The Hunting Club (358BS) VK-B
27 - 31 Mar 1943 - Rotterdam, Neth - 42-29573 Two Beauts (358BS) VK-H

Substitute Crewmen on 2Lt Dunn's missions:

  • Mission 24 - 1Lt Robert S. O'Connor (CP) - Combat Orientation Pilot - Substitute for regular CoPilot Lt Hafen - 1Lt O'Connor was KIA on mission #48, 04 July 1943.
    Sgt Wilmer G. Raesley (LWG) - Substitute for regular LWG Sgt Testoni. Sgt Raesley became a POW on mission #79, 20 Oct 1943.
  • Mission 26 - 1Lt Daniel A. McColl (N) - Substitute for regular Navigator Lt Boyd. 1Lt McColl was KIA on mission #35, 14 May 1943.

Mission 27- KIA (Killed in Action), WIA (Wounded in Action), B/O (Bail Out) 358th BS Two Beauts and 360th BS Ooold Soljer, 41-24559 PU-C collided when their tight formations passed through 10/10th clouds in the vicinity of Wellingboro, UK.. Ooold Soljer, piloted by 1Lt Keith O. Bartlett, was completely demolished and was seen to have lost its right wing from the No. 4 engine out. Two Beauts was later salvaged. Both B-17 crashed near Mears Ashby, UK. [15 KIA & 5 Bail Outs] See the photo of the beautiful memorial and plaque established at the Mears Ashby, UK crash site on 31 March 1996. T/Sgt Hogue and S/Sgt Nowak (RWG) were injured on their parachute landing and hospitalized 2Lt Boyd and T/Sgt Yager are buried in the Cambridge American Cemetery as are four members of the 360th BS 1Lt Bartlett Crew, viz: 1Lt K.O. Bartlett (P), 1Lt R.C. Browning (N)(359BS) , T/Sgt G.R. Smith (E) and S/Sgt E.R. Bradford (LWG).

Mission 48 - 4 July 1943 - T/Sgt Earl Hogue (R) POW Mission to LeMans, France in B-17F 42-5792 The Mugger (358BS) VK-I, 1Lt Robert S. O'Connor, Pilot (2 KIA, 4 POW, 3 EVD, 1 Escaped as POW and Evaded). See the photo of the granite Stone Memorial Monument, established in the late 1940s, at Malicorne-Sur-Sarthe, France, honoring Lt O'Connor and his Bombardier Lt Peterson who were killed avoided crashing The Mugger in the town site. Lt's O'Connor and Peterson are buried in adjacent graves at the Normandy American Cemetery near Coleville-sur-Mer, France

[Researched by Harry D. Gobrecht, 303rdBGA Historian Emeritus]