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358th Cathey Crew
John L. Cathey, Pilot
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(crew assigned 358BS: 25 July 1944 - photo: 27 July 1944)

2Lt John L. Cathey (P)(POW), 2Lt Chad W. Stephens (CP)(POW),
2Lt Charles S. Jackson (N)(back, far right), 2Lt Richard T. Blomberg (B)(POW)

Sgt Howard B. Reichling (E)(POW), Sgt Lamar H. Whittier (R)(EVD),
Sgt Nicholas R. Raspa (WG)(POW), Sgt Arie Moerman (TG)(KIA),
Sgt Bert C. Nelson (BT)(EVD)

crewmen are not in order

Combat missions flown by the Lt John L. Cathey Crew
  1. #218 8/04/44 Peenemunde, GR B-17G 43-37590 358BS Neva-The Silver Lady (VK-Q)
  2. #220 8/05/44 Flers/Fiefs, FR B-17G 42-31060 427BS Pogue Ma Hone (GN-N)
  3. #221 8/06/44 Genshagen, GR B-17G 42-38875 427BS Flying Bison (GN-A)
  4. #222 8/07/44 Chartes, FR B-17G 42-31060 427BS Pogue Ma Hone (GN-N)
  5. #223 8/08/44 Caen, FR B-17G 42-102680 358BS (No name) (VK-I)
  6. #226 8/12/44 Metz, FR B-17G 42-31177 359BS Lonesome Polecat (BN-L)
  7. #229 8/15/44 Wiesbaden, GR B-17G 42-102680 358BS (No name) (VK-I)
Mission note: All crewmen flew on the above seven combat missions except for 2Lt Stephens (CP) who stood down on missions 218 & 220

(KIA/POW/EVD) - Mission #229 8/15/44 to Wiesbaden, Germany 303rd lost nine B-17's on this mission - Seven from the 358th BS. Brief report on the 2Lt Cathey crew was as follows: #42-102680 (No name) VK-I exploded and some of the crew were spotted bailing out 1 km northwest of Rommersheim, Germany. Lt Cathey reported that they had been hit by an ME-109 fighter that set the No., 3 engine and gas tank on fire. The B-17 crashed at Wittlioch, Germany [MACR #8437]

Crew Notes:
  • 2Lt John L. Cathey (P)(POW) - Flew as CoPilot with combat orientation Pilots on two missions: #218, 2Lt Edward Graham, Jr (P)'; #220 2Lt Charles E. Wright (P). All other missions flown as the crew First Pilot
  • Sgt Lamar H. Whittier (R)(EVD) - Evaded capture. Returned to England on 9/05/44 [E&E Report 1486]
  • Sgt Bert C. Nelson (BTG)(EVD) - Evaded capture. Returned to England on 9/15/44 [E&E Report 2120]
  • Sgt Arie Moerman (TG)(KIA) - Was hit by a 20 mm shell. Was Killed in Action and crashed with the B-17 at Wittlioch, Germany
[photo courtesy of George T. Mackin]
[Researched by Harry D. Gobrecht, 303rdBGA Historian Emeritus]