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303rd BG
Medical Section
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303rd Medical Section
(photo taken 18 July 1944)
- click image for a larger photo -
Front Row Officers (seated)
Lt Shure, Dental Corps
Capt Newton B. Schulman, Dental Corps
Capt Ralph T. Anderson, Flight Surgeon, 427th BS
Maj Abraham Black, Group Surgeon, HQ 303rd BG
Capt John H. Austin, Flight Surgeon, 359th BS
Capt Harold Broady, Flight Surgeon, 358th BS
Capt N.C. Mellen, Flight Surgeon, 360th BS
Capt William F. Gerringer, Medical Officer, 249th Disp.

Second Row Enlisted Men (standing)
Sgt Peter Benigno, Dispatcher, 358th BS
S/Sgt John Conaghan, Clerk, 427th BS
PFC Harry Conroy, Lab Tech, HQ 303rd BG
PFC George Dick, Driver, 360th BS
S/Sgt William Fennessy, Clerk, 358th BS
Cpl John Boryschuk, Clerk, 249th Avn Disp
PFC Arnold Bianchi, Driver, 249th Avn Disp
Cpl Oran Hudson, Lab Tech, HQ 303rd BG
Cpl Joseph Derail, Ward, 427th BS
Cpl Robert Witten, Surgical Tech, HQ 303rd BG
Cpl Clarence Bohmes, Driver, HQ 303rd BG
Cpl Julius Whitney, Pharmacist, HQ 303rd BG
S/Sgt Zearl Galloway, Clerk 359th BS
Cpl James Darrah, Aid Man, 249th Avn Disp

Back Row Enlisted Men (standing)
Cpl Marion Steinheauser, Ward 360th BS
Cpl Kenneth Moyer, Driver, 249th Avn Disp
Cpl Peter Gallagher, Dressing Room, HQ 303rd BG
Cpl Merril Lowe, Cook, 427th BS
PFC Ivan Frick, Driver, HQ 303rd BG
PFC Ralph Bicknell, Aid Man, 249th Avn Disp
PFC Steve Copus, Aid Man, HQ, 303rd Bomb Group
Cpl Thomas E. Giarmo, Surgical Tech, 358th BS/303rd BG
PFC Leo Cahill, Furnace, HQ 303rd BG
Cpl Leonard Sykora, Aid Man, 249th Avn Disp
Cpl Steve Dina, Dental Tech, 249th Avn Disp
Sgt Frank Manchester, Dental Tech, HQ, 303rd Bomb Group
Sgt Elvin Beckman, Dressing Room, 359th BS
[photo courtesy of Peggy Barker - Identification courtesy of Thomas E Giarmo Family]